Eid is around the corner and we know you are already saving up to shop BIG on Eid. This remarkable festival has a different vibe attached to it, and no matter how boring your last Ed went, you will still want to spend a hefty amount of money on your Eid essentials to welcome an amazing and well spent Eid.  After all, you are getting it as a gift in return of all those ibadat and good deeds you did during Ramadan. You deserve it. This amazing festival brings people close and there is an extremely astounding feel in the air on Eid day.

It’s inexplicable, you want to adorn your new outfits, meet your relatives, eat great food, (sleep several hours), and take pictures and all, everything is so wonderful about eid. Not only the three days of Eid but the days before it when you are shopping for the Eid essentials and having an excellent time with family during the Pre eid period is equally fun and exciting.

What to do when the Eid is during the brutal summer weather!

Shopping for Eid an adventure on its own. There is so much to choose from. But the big fat question is what to exactly shop for Eid 2019. Since the weather is extremely hot these days, you do not want to soak in your sweat under the scorching heat on the eid day. To save yourself from ending up as a mess, you need to arm up well for the D day and keep all the essentials aligned. And this means upgrading your already made Eid shopping list. Ditch that chiffon dress you wear planning to buy, go for cotton or lawn (hey the latest lawn collection of all the brands are out!). Keep the necessary tool to protect your skin and eyes from the sun and take care of yourself.

Well, here is the upgraded Eid Essential List you should begin shopping for!

  • Cotton Kurti

We are really sorry if you were planning to do on a heavy staple dress on Eid. Please ditch that idea and reserve it for badi Eid when the weather will cool down a bit and let you breathe in such outfits. Right now is not the time. The time is only to wear pret that are made up of breathable fabric and we suggest cotton or lawn for it. Get a cotton kurti or a three-piece suit. You can also rock a lawn outfit made to perfection with chic cuts and designs. All the leading brands have already launched their Eid collection 2019.

  • Sunglasses

Beat the heat and do not let it kill the vibe of your Eid. (Wow that rhymes!). Summers are extremely brutal in Pakistan, specifically in the cities in Sindh and Baluchistan. Staying outdoors becomes nearly impossible in those parts of the country. So if you belong to these provinces, it is extremely important that you keep a pair of sunglasses on the Eid day. Because you cannot stay indoors on Eid, c’mon it’s festive! So why ruin your plans because of the weather. Combat the heat with sunglasses.

  • An SPF 60 Sunblock

Your skin needs protection from the sun all year round. But more than ever in summers. The heat and the scorching sun won’t let your skin breathe. And no matter how hard you try to stay indoors and decrease the chances of getting break outs and discoloration on your skin, you will notice a zit popping its head out on your skin. To save your skin, buy a good yet economical sun block for this Eid.

  • Matte makeup

No glosses, no shine, get matte makeup done this Eid. Since the season will not let the makeup settle well on your skin and melt all of it, it’s best to go for matte makeup that will not melt down and keep intact no matter how brutal the weather gets.

So if you are planning to shop for your eid dress but want to save yourself from the hassles of pre eid shopping haul, shop online right from the comfort and confines of your home. Experience a convenient shopping adventure at Pret Diaries, which is the ultimate platform to shop the trendiest clothes for women in the most affordable price range. Begin your online shopping for women now and have an amazing Eid shopping experience.

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