Chennai, 19 July, 2019: The Tamil Nadu government would take steps through the Centre to get mobile application ‘Tik Tok’ banned, state Minister for Information Technology M Manikandan told the Assembly Thursday.

In light of media reports on deaths of users, wrong decisions taken by them and performance of stunts, the Minister said steps would be taken to get the Chinese video-sharing app banned.

The Minister, tracing the recent events that led to a ban on the app and it getting revoked later, said the State government would write again to the Centre and “Tamil Nadu government will take steps for sure to ban the Tik Tok app.”

Powers to allow or block an app vested with the Central government and any move to get an app removed from public use should be through the Computer Emergency Response Team based in Delhi and a nodal officer functioned from Tamil Nadu as well, he noted.

Recalling the state government’s efforts in February this year to get the app banned, he said the matter later ended up in the Madras High Court’s Madurai Bench.

Though the app was banned by the court, it was subsequently lifted after the app firm agreed to toe conditions and not allow anything against our culture, he recollected.

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