Art has been one of the key unifying factors for the Indian society. Visual art is an art form that focuses on creating pieces of work by the means of visual environment, in order to convey messages of emotion, ideas or information. It can also integrate skills such as creativity, communication, cooperation and critical thinking and prepare youth for the future. It is believed that if children are encouraged to be creative at the early age, will change their approach towards learning other subjects like mathematics and science thus inspires them to link art and science and be more innovative in all fields. A course in Visual Arts appeals to the aesthetic sense of students and makes their imaginative senses grow.

From being a just a hobby to organizing art exhibitions and fair, the art industry in India has come a long way. However, there is still a lot to be done to get the industry its due credit in outlining Visual Arts as the ultimate means of expression. Besides inadequate education and infrastructure, there is an inherent lack of awareness in the country that is preventing art from flourishing as a career option.

Realizing the potential of Visual Arts, the World University of Design (WUD) – India’s first and only university dedicated to the creative domain, is offering eight specially curated courses in Visual Arts discipline for young students in India.

If you have creative instinct and love analyzing how people make meaning out of symbols and art then under mentioned are the courses you can’t miss to watch out for.

Digital Drawing & Illustration

This is the only undergraduate course in India that looks at drawings in a holistic and futuristic way specially designed to keep pace with changing technology and its role in art and culture. Digital Drawing and Illustration students will develop skills with a variety software-based skill, while constantly being exposed to traditional media methods and conceptual drawing skills. The opportunities one can explore post doing the course medical or Legal Animator, Comic book artist, 4. Architectural 3D Modeler.

Fashion Arts

This course focuses on creating a bridge between fashion & visual arts to create professionals who will be able to meet the requirements of the rising demands of the fashion and entertainment industries.   One can explore various career options after opting this course like advertising, product design, apparel design event management, trend forecasters and in publishing industry.

Curatorial Practices in Arts

The program offers a hands-on curriculum that balances collaboration and socially engaged practices with academic research in history and theory. Students work in diverse experimental contexts & formats, with alternative models of exhibition planning. The program seeks to enroll students with diverse background who wish to engage in advanced research and use projects to explore the role of a curator. The scope of this course involves Curating art exhibitions and exhibitions programmes for museums and galleries, Initiating creative ventures in the arts and cultural sector, Arts management and Project development.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Indian art fuses multiple concepts and forms of media to express both traditional Indian and non-traditional themes. As contemporary art continues to evolve and challenge, it finds new ways to engage the viewer. Course in Contemporary art focuses on art in the broader context of Indian history, sociology, politics, gender and cultural studies. The course further explores new readings of Indian Art within the context of international modern and contemporary art history. After completing the course, the student can work as a Professional Artist, Art Director, Art Advisor, Art Critic & Curator.

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