• October 23, 2021

New Delhi, 5th March 2020: In an effort to promote awareness as well to expand the safety net around the spread of the coronavirus, AbhiBus.comis offering to hand-deliver to their homes protection grade masks to all those who book tickets on their platforms across the country. In addition to this, AbhiBus will also provide hand sanitizers in a partner bus services.

Bus is preferred mode of travel for 63% travellers in India (according to International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and On average there are 20 million of travellers that use buses to travel from one city to another and are potentially vulnerable towards contracting the virus. However, based on various medical advisories, the virus being non-airborne makes it possible to avoid getting infected if adequate precautions are taken by every individual. These include, but not limited to, wearing of protection grade masks, constantly washing hands, use of hand sanitizers as simple steps towards mitigating the risk amongst others.

While announcing the initiative, Mr. Rohit Sharma, Chief Operating Officer – Abhibus.com said, “Prevention is best case for protection from the spread of this virus which is causing a global pandemonium. Life still needs to go on and if adequate precautions are taken by every individual then the spread of this virus can be avoided. In this context, AbhiBus.com is offering to its customers the free masks so that they become the inspiration for others to get theirs and wear the protection. On our own, we are trying to make the awareness go viral against the deadly virus.”

Further, AbhiBus.com as part of its efforts to spread awareness is providing free hand sanitizers in  the partner buses that it offers the  tickets for, and is  putting up notices in buses on proper techniques to handle personal hygiene so that they can be protected as well as orienting the bus operators and owners towards.

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