• September 28, 2021

Crowds have been visiting the Aadi Mahotsav on at Dilli Haat to get a peek into the rich tribal culture of our country. A major attraction of the Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav has been the cultural programmes, which showcase the diversity and variety of Indian tribes.

This was a highlight especially on Day 6 of the Aadi Mahotsav, where the crowds got to enjoy spectacular cultural programmes in the evening.

One striking aspect of the evening’s programme was a spectacular tribal fashion show that featured designs and clothes handcrafted by tribal master craftsmen and curated by the famous tribal artisan Ms. Ruma Devi and the renowned fashion designer Ms. Rina Dhaka. The resplendent weaves and fabrics came to life in the crafted designs that reflect the close connection tribals have with nature.

The show featured beautiful tribal weaves from various parts of the country –sarees, kurtis, tops, shawls, stoles and exquisite accessories like jewellery from the North-east or dhokra jewellery and bags such as Banjara bags. 

The Aadi Mahotsav showcases traditional art and handicrafts and the rich, diverse cultural heritage of our tribes. Their close connection with nature and simplicity can be seen in their weaves, clothes, fabrics, and art forms. I am happy that TRIFED is doing its best to help in popularising tribal culture to the larger audiences.” Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED said during the occasion.

The Aadi Mahotsav was also visited on Saturday by senior officials such as Shri Deepak Khandekar, Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training; Shri R.P. Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change; Shri Ajay Tirki, Secretary Ministry of Rural Development; Ms. Richa Sharma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change; Ms Manju Pandey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change; Ms. Neerja Adidam, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Shri Sudhanshu Pandey, Secretary, Department of Food & Public Distribution, Shri P K Tripathi, Secretary, Ministry of Steel, and Ms. Leena Nandan, Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs among other dignitaries.

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