Published On: Tue, Dec 8th, 2020

Trouw Nutrition launches its state-of-the-art animal nutrition facility in Telangana!

Hyderabad, December 8th, 2020.

The state-of-the-art maiden production facility of Trouw Nutritionthe animal nutrition division of Dutch global company Nutreco, in India, was virtually inaugurated by the Netherlands Ambassador to India, Mr Marten Van den Berg, at Jadcherla near Hyderabad, today. Nutreco, through its two reputed brands, Trouw Nutrition and Skretting, is a global leader in animal and aqua nutrition bringing innovative feed additives, premixes and nutritional services.

The one of its kind new production facility from Trouw Nutrition, has high-end technology designed to deliver superior quality premix for customers in South Asia. With 20,000 MT/ annum capacity, it is one of the largest premix production facilities in this part of Asia, dedicated to produce vitamins, mineral premixes, mineral blends and feed safety solutions for all species. Its unique 45-meter-high tower at the new premises, facilitates vertical flow from raw materials to finished product stage, encompassing the complete production cycle from weighing of the raw material to packaging of the finished product. The completely automated and ERP integrated production process has minimal manual intervention to ensure high precision, unmatched quality and utmost safety. The facility is equipped with cold store for storage of vitamins and heat sensitive ingredients.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Marten Van den Berg said, India is looking for opportunities and for attracting foreign companies to increase the Indian share in global value chain, many foreign firms have been here for a very very long time, similarly several Dutch firms have large footprint in India. Today, Trouw Nutrition an arm of the Dutch based Nutrico, with more than 90 years’ experience in Animal Nutrition, which started their operations from Netherlands have been able to successfully capture the Animal Nutrition market globally. Its spectacular to see huge investment in India by Trouw of over Euros 20 mn to set up two plants. Trouw Nutrition has made enormous investment in fundamental innovative research of animal nutrition, forming the basis for improved animal welfare worldwide. India has a great potential to become one of the most important diary producers the world by improving productivity through breeding and feeding and the output can be easily doubled or even tripled, which is also the mantra of the current Indian government, to double the income of farmers by 2022. Using innovative and sustainable solutions India can become an important exporter of dairy products for global consumption. India and the Netherlands are natural partners in Agriculture and in dairy. India is the world largest producer and consumer of milk and Netherlands has 5% of the world dairy trade and therefore are natural partner for India. Therefore, the Dutch dairy sector is looking for collaboration with India. India has tremendous potential in this sector. Similar to India, the Agricultural sector in Netherlands is family based, this makes it easier to understand the challenges of Indian farmers. After having a global health crisis like COVID 19 it is important that the people of the world consume safe food. Trouw Nutrition is committed to the cause of responsible use of antibiotics and food safety. Having a manufacturing unit in India can help to increasing productivity per animal to feed the growing population. The Netherlands has demonstrated that these technologies have attained good production levels and the next step is to ensure pure sustained growth of livestock. Dutch Dairy companies are dynamic and innovative in nature, they all have one thing in common, that is to strive to produce more with less, to contribute to the health of the animal and environment and achieve the highest quality product for human consumption. In Netherlands we believe in triple helix model, Industry, Government and research institutions working together, this is particularly important f`or increasing animal productivity and create sustainable solutions to prevent infections and diseases in animals. Worldwide changes are happening fast today, climate change, growing demand for quality products and growing pressure on agricultural land, in this changing scenario all countries have to work together, very close collaborations are needed to achieve the sustainable development goals, this is where Netherlands and India can closely work together. Looking at the potential and resources of India it is the right time to taking more initiatives to develop new collaborations and also strengthen or expand the existing ones between the two countries and on this note I hereby declare the opening of Trouw Nutrition in India, which I can rightfully say is one of the important steps taken in strengthening the cooperation that India and Netherlands share in the field of dairy. I appreciate the efforts that everyone has put in to make this initiative a reality. This facility will certainly increase the sustainable impact and bring in good practices in animal health and welfare.       

Decades of hands-on expertise at Trouw, ensures optimal and homogenous premixing of minerals and vitamins, which often is the key differentiator in maintaining robust health of animals. Several such globally tested and established practices being implemented here, enable us to provide responsible and cost-effective solutions to our customers and progressive farmers. These make us to stand out as leaders in the animal nutrition domain, says Dr Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director, South Asia, Nutreco.

This new production facility located on a four-acre land, besides being Trouw’s contribution to Atmanirbhar Bharat – Make in India initiative, brings in enormous operations efficiencies for the company with lesser turnaround time and better customizations as per customer’s needs. Telangana was an apt choice for locating the facility in India, considering its easy accessibility and being an investor friendly state. Even from market perspective, it’s a major poultry and aqua belt with logistical access to good ports. Th facility will primarily cater to India first and later to the markets of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Trouw Nutrition’s product mix supports the nutritional needs of animals at different stages of their lifecycle, be it Life start range meant for the feed, vitality and performance of young animals. Health & welfare array of products enable reduction of antibiotic usage, supports intestinal health and provides nutritional solutions for specific challenges in animals. The third set of products, Precision Nutrition range includes feed additives for production efficiency, emissions reduction, feeds for maximum growth and potential.

In consonance with its global best practices, Trouw Nutrition has brought in several of its value-added services to benefit the customers here. Its Antimicrobial Resistance Programme enables antibiotics usage reduction, efficient microbial control, enhanced gut integrity and efficient animal production. The Feed Safety Programme ensures safe feed by preserving nutritional value, the Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme enables risk assessment, monitoring and control.  The Trace Mineral Programme ensures optimum trace mineral supply to enhance growth and performance.

Trouw’s end to end solutions leverage its rich repository of a mix of superior products, dedicated services and proficient people. This customer centric approach aids farmers and our customers at all the necessary interventional points of feed, farm and animal health and enables them to reap maximum productivity and profitability, says Dr Saurabh Shekhar.

Trouw is adopting a seamless integrated solution approach in India by focusing on innovative technologies like Mycomaster, NutriOpt On-site Adviser (NOA), along with a dedicated Customer Service Laboratory, MasterLab at Hyderabad. The digital platform, NutriOpt On-site Adviser (NOA), helps in accurate nutrient analysis to achieve precision nutrition goals of farmers and feed millers, while Mycomaster provides quick analysis of mycotoxins to enable quick decision making by customers. MasterLab, which is the largest chain of customer service laboratories in animal nutrition industry, conducts varied analytical assays for complete feed, raw materials and water, using state-of-the-art equipment, modern techniques and highly qualified laboratory technicians.

Nutreco has both organic and inorganic growth plans to expand its footprints in South Asia. Though currently the company’s thrust is on B2B segment, the next steps are to foray into B2F segment. NuFrontiers, the investment arm of Nutreco, has invested strategically in start-ups globally, including the Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise, Eruvaka in India for innovations in aquaculture. These initiatives will leverage the strengths, streamline long-term strategies and position the Company firmly to take on the challenges ahead in the animal and aqua production domain. In fact, Eruvaka a Vijayawada based start-up helps in enhancing freshwater fishing substantially, we saw good results in India from this solution and took it globally, the most successful application of this is in Ecuador, where Eruvaka is helping farmers to increase their productivity.

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