Vidyashilp Academy Ushers National Cadet Corps with Air Wing Inaugural

Bengaluru, October 2020.

October 9th 2020 marked a momentous day in the legacy of Vidyashilp Academy, with the inauguration of the prestigious Air Wing of National Cadet Corps (NCC) at the school. The inaugural ceremony was presided by Wing Commander C Jaideep, Commanding Officer 1Karnataka Air Squadron, NCC, along with Dr Dayananda Pai, Managing Trustee, Vidyashilp Education Group; Dr Kiran Pai, Director, Vidyashilp Education Group; and Kalai Selvi, Head of School, Vidyashilp Academy.
The programme began with the inauguration of the NCC office in Vidyashilp Academy. Addressing the gathering, Wing Commander C Jaideep, Commanding Officer 1Karnataka Air Squadron, NCC shared the rich history and traditions of NCC. He shared that the National Cadet Corps is the largest uniformed youth organization in the world with 13 lakh cadets from different walks of life across the nation. Wing Commander Jaideep stated, “Military officers are placed in NCC to inspire youth with a sense of purpose while giving disciplined approach to life. Officers bring their experience and expertise like teachers in school to help the youth with skills that will help them for life. To this end, the National Cadet Corps integrates all its values in the activities that cadets will execute including flying, range firing and various camps.”
In the course of the inaugural, Dr Dayananda Pai, Managing Trustee, Vidyashilp Education Group shared his experiences with NCC. He said, “Even though the NCC was initially created as a second line of defense for the nation, the NCC experience is much more than that. It is a platform to build character, team work, leadership qualities and a secular outlook in life.” He added, “As an individual who has led the Karnataka State contingent in the Republic Day parade, I would ask students to make the best out of this opportunity. I owe my success to NCC and wish all our students to gain this advantage for life.” Dr Pai shared that with this NCC Raising Day, Vidyashilp Academy will look forward to building more units under the three service groups in the future.
The programme was also graced with the presence of Captain PF Khan, Admin Officer; Junior Warrant Officer Deepak Chandra, Adjutant; Junior Warrant Officer K Mahanta, WO in charge of Training. The inauguration was concluded with the National Anthem.