New Delhi, July 24, 2020.

Sensor faucets— the type where all you need to do is wave your hand to activate it — have found their way in washrooms in commercial spaces all around the world. VitrA has sensor faucets to instil a sense of premium hygiene whether it is a public restroom in an airport or an office building, a sensor faucet is ideal for use. 

The usual manual faucets with handles are a prime breeding ground for germs. Touching faucet handles after washing, re-contaminates the hands and reverses much of the good that came from washing them. Therefore, touchless, sensor-operated faucets can contribute to a higher level of hygiene.

VitrA’s sensor faucets operate on a complete automation process, providing extra hygiene. When the photocell feature senses your hand, the water flow begins and the faucet shuts when it can no longer sense your hand.Our stylish water saving faucets come in the AquaSee range. VitrA‘s Aquasee, technologically savvy, practical and hygienic water-saving photocell faucets operate with a brand-new sensor technology that helps you preserve natural resources. It has a comfort design that is easy to use thanks to its inclined body and angular outlet. A new power source that generates its own power with the flow of water. VitrA’s Powerbox converts the flow of water into electricity with its internal power generator. It is easy to install and can be smoothly used for many years. One VitrAPowerbox can operate upto five sensor faucets. VitrA faucets come with a 10-year warranty.

VitrA sensor faucetshelp conserve water and improve sanitation quality. The advantages of sensor-operated faucets extend beyond the public restroom to almost any other type of handwashing station, especially in applications requiring the highest levels of cleanliness.The VitrA sensor faucets are ideal for commercial use because of their user-friendliness, hygiene-friendliness and water-conservation. These can be installed in airports, office buildings, restaurants, gyms, hotels, plazas etc.

Above everything else, the VitrAsensor faucet offers security and peace of mind from the threat of germ transmission.