#WeMetOnTwitter: Love in the digital age

Jaipur, February 12, 2022.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and nothing warms the cockles of the heart like a good love story. In the digital age, love is just a Tweet away! It’s no surprise given that Twitter is the conversational layer of the internet and people come to the service to talk about what’s happening and connect with like-minded individuals. Oftentimes on Twitter, people find those who ‘get them’ forming meaningful bonds. In fact, people go on to share such stories on the service, recounting how they met on Twitter, with the hashtag#WeMetOnTwitter.

The conversation about #WeMetOnTwitter is steadily growing in India with 370% more Tweets about it in the last year (2021) than in 2020. Not only that, this year (2022) in just one month (January-February) we have seen the conversation increase by 28%.

Embeddable tweet: https://twitter.com/TwitterIndia/status/1491996667725426706

As they say one finds love in the rarest and unexpected of places, and sometimes a Tweet is all it takes, let’s look at some of these epic love stories made on Twitter:

  1. That’s a catch! Sameer Allana (@HitmanCricket) a cricket enthusiast found his perfect match, Sana Shariff (@SanaShariffHai) a dentist, #OnlyOnTwitter

Embeddable tweet: https://twitter.com/HitmanCricket/status/1350832021673709568

  1. Love is love! Artist Sif (@sifofftherocker) met @sadboihoursonly on the service and to say that we absolutely love this Tweet isn’t enough.

Embeddable Tweet: https://twitter.com/sadboihoursonly/status/1465183228721917955

  1. Manifest it into existence:Love really struck a chord with Kanupriya (@kanupriya) and Mohit (@HaramiParindey), and their love story is music to our ears.

Embeddable Tweet: https://twitter.com/HaramiParindey/status/1476952195178270728

5.  Bigg Boss lovers unite: While #TejRan was the most talked-about couple and Tweeted hashtag this Bigg Boss season, Zain (@ZAIN17_) and Katha (@daffahojaosare) met on Twitter and fanned the flames of love outside the Bigg Boss house.

Embeddable Tweet: https://twitter.com/ZAIN17_/status/1490308273567764485

  1.  Love is patient, love is kind! Artist Ronin (@priyanthan_)’s love story stood the test of time and is aww-inducing.


Embeddable Tweet: https://twitter.com/priyanthan_/status/963650066824220672

Lastly, while love is in the air, remember that platonic love can prompt conversations and connections too. Through the power of conversations, Twitter has brought people closer and enabled connections and communities. With #WeMetOnTwitter we aim to find such stories of meaningful bonds, to be continued…

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