As soon as you open the door to your house, your wife inquires you about the grocery. You suddenly remember that in the morning you promised your wife to bring queenfish on the way back from office. However, you were so buried in the office work that you forgot all about your promise. Now you are tired and in no mood to go out.

                Unfortunately, many people suffer a similar fate every day in Dubai and elsewhere. People are so busy in their lives that they often forget about these trivial things. Let alone groceries; people do not find enough time to spend with their friends and family due to their job or business. To make lives more comfortable for people, every year many innovative products and applications are designed.

                One such application is Yeebly. It is an online grocery shopping app that is focused on achieving two things; saving a customer’s time and their money. Yeebly is a simple yet elegant mobile application that allows customers living in Dubai to order their groceries online. Customers simply open the app, select the groceries that the need, and check out.

                Customers can opt for two options while proceeding to check out: cash on delivery or pay through their credit card. Many readers will think that they are so many similar online platforms like Yeebly, which have been around much longer. Why should a customer then opt for Yeebly which was launchedonly recently?

                The answer to this question lies in knowing more about Yeebly and its unique features.

Yeebly – What Makes It Stand Out?

Yeebly offers 24/7 delivery throughout the year to people living in Dubai. Currently, it does not serve any area outside Dubai. The purpose of Yeebly is to save the customer’s time and money. By having the grocery delivered at their doorsteps, customers do not have to commute to the marketplaceand spend time in buying the groceries.This way Yeebly saves customers a lot of time.

Moreover, Yeebly offers amazing discounts to its customers. If your order is above 100 AED, Yeebly gives customers a 50% discount on delivery charges. Likewise, any order above 300 AED will get you a 100% discount on delivery charges. This way, Yeebly offers its customers to save money and time through bulk buying.

Another unique feature of Yeeby is its commitment to quality. If a customer’s order has different items like fish and fruits, the delivery boys will visit different markets for each product. For fish and other seafood, the delivery boys mostly buy the fish from the renowned waterfront market. For fruits and other items, they will visit a different market.

This ensures quality, and it is one of the main reasons that a lot of people are starting to select Yeebly for fish delivery in Dubai and other grocery items as well. Unlike other platforms which maintain large warehouses to store their products, Yeebly always supplies fresh products.

The reason is that Yeebly does not have a warehouse for stocking products and buys only fresh products from the top markets. This ensures that customers never get stale products. Nevertheless, if a customer feels that the quality of the products is not up to the market, Yeebly takes back the products without charging the customer.

                Whether you are craving fish, meat or vegetables, Yeebly will deliver your grocery in the least amount of time possible without compromising the quality of the products. Moreover, the Yeebly app is regularly updated to ensure that the latest products are available for customers.

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