Jaipur, March 7, 2018.

Manipal Fertility, chain of infertility centers of Manipal Hospitals, in association with Dr. Bina Vasan Foundation has launched “ANKUR CLINIC”, affordable fertility services, with the aim of helping economically challenged patients to avail infertility treatment. Under this initiative, infertility treatment, particularly IVF that may cost as high as Rs. 2.5 lac will now be offered to poor people withmore than 50% discount.

A couple, who have a monthly income of Rs.15,000 or less, can register their name in the Ankur clinic which will be providing comprehensive fertility services for men and women on consultations, blood tests, ultrasound, surgeries at a maximum discounted rate extent of 50%.As many couples will need IVF (regular cost: Rs.2.5 lacs), this procedure is specifically discounted to an all-inclusive price of Rs.1,00,000/-including medicines.

The registration can be done in any Manipal Fertility center across Indiafrom Monday to Sunday 8 Am to 12 noon, which will help them avail the subsidised service. The only document to be produced is an Income certificate by revenue officer of the respective State Govt in India.

Dr Vasan S S, CEO and Medical Director, Manipal Fertility, “Male & Female fertility problems are on the rise irrespective of the economical strata. The modern lifestyle being the prime reason for infertility in the upper & middle class segment whereas for poor patients, infections like Tuberculosis, malnourishment, excessive smoking, drinking alcohol, living in a polluted environment, working in industries which are not fertility friendly& lack of awareness of early consultation put those patients on the back foot in seeking fertility services, which are always placed at a higher cost.

With our moto of “FERTILITY FOR ALL“, we believe that the cost of treatment shouldn’t be a hindrance for seeking fertility services. ANKUR CLINIC is our effort to address the issue of affordability of infertility treatment for lower economic strata of the society.” This is line with State and Central Govt policies of inclusive care.

The clinic aims to provide international quality service with success rates better than SART (USA) data and there is no compromise on any aspects of their treatment. Once the couple registers their name under this scheme, they will be given a green card, which will entail them to avail all the discounts under the clinic scheme.

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