Jaipur, May 18, 2022.

World University of Design invites applications from students who want to pursue their passion in Performing Arts as a career. Admissions are open to a 4-year programme in BPA, a 2-year programme in MPA and a Ph.D both in Dance and Music with an option for 2+2 or 3+1 UK Degree.

Forms are available at https://worlduniversityofdesign.nopaperforms.com/

Performing arts students in India usually take up their graduation studies in areas like sociology or history as professional programs in performing arts were not available. Programmes introduced by WUD fill this gap. The programmes are designed with a futuristic curriculum focussed on emerging trends in global performing arts scenario, with comprehensive professional inputs in Aesthetics, Production, Costume Design, Administration and Digital. All programs are UGC approved.

Post-covid, careers in Performing Arts have also boomed providing viable and lucrative career options for students. World University of Design with its large collective of creative courses is uniquely positioned to provide the complete eco-system required to build a career in Performing Arts/Dance/MusicCareer Opportunities exist as a Performer, Therapist, Administrator, Educator, Production Designer, Choreographer, Composer, Actor, Director, Research Scholar, Subject Expert, Metaverse User etc.

To take admission in BPA course, candidates need to have successfully cleared class 12th pass certificate from any recognised school board. However, candidates with a background in performing arts will be given preference at the time of admissions.

The undergraduate course will prepare the student with a strong base in the theories of performance, the nuances of the classical, folk and contemporary arts, the rudiments of production and presentation along with rigorous insight into the field of specialisation viz: Dance (Classical /contemporary) or Music Studies (Classical /modern). They will be exposed to the practical and theoretical practices of performance and introduced to literary, historical, traditional and cultural explorations of performing arts across cultures, therapeutic practices and arts administration. As an extension of the learning received during the current crisis, the students will also be taught the use and control of digital media to promote and present the performing arts.

All the courses include elements of cross-media communication, both written spoken formats, language and presentation skills, storytelling as a core of the art of performance and acting (abhinaya) as an indivisible part of mastering the arts. Management  is a core stream running through all the learning initiatives, preparing the students for a robust and buttressed future in the industry.

WUD‘s Performing Arts programs are comprehensively designed to prepare a thorough ‘Performing Arts Professional” who is not only an expert in their chosen field of Specialisation, but also a thorough generalist in terms of Performance Management, Production, Promotion and Presentation. The graduates will also be well placed to take advantage of opportunities being created in the Metaverse.

World Design University (WUD) is India’s first university dedicated to educating students in the creative domain. Seated in the heart of the educational hub of India –Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana – WUD plays the role of a harbinger of a revolution in the education system in India. It is the torchbearer of breaking stereotypical educational patterns and has facilitated the shift of studies pertaining to design from being solely vocation-oriented to academic-oriented; thereby offering substantiated degrees (under section 2(f) and 22(l) of the UGC Act) to its students instead of mere diplomas and certificates.