CHENNAI, India, 3 September, 2019: XCMG released three new excavators last month in Chennai, India. The XE80C, XE104I and XE125C models designed specifically for the Indian market – will be able to deliver excellent performance in the high temperature, humid working environment.

The upgraded XE80C and XE215C excavators are highly efficient, reliable, durable and energy-efficient. The XE80C adopts an environmental-friendly engine with all-new load sensing hydraulic system and XCMG’s original E/P/B intelligent control system, enabling the equipment to achieve greater precision and higher working efficiency.

The XE215C excavator emphasizes power matching to promote productivity and fuel efficiency while guaranteeing reliability; and features an optimized boom and bucket rod structure to prolong service life.

The star of the product launch was the XE140I, with its Tata-Cummins dynamical system and reliable hydraulics, the new aluminum fins on the radiator and integral brazing technology ensures functionality even in hyperthermal environments of 50 degrees Celsius.

V.G. Sathki Kumar, Managing director of Schwing Stetter India, noted at the launch event that “excavators are a major segment of the construction machinery industry and one of the most popular equipment sold in the Indian market. Working with XCMG Excavator Machinery, Schwing Stetter India provides excellent products for the fast-developing country, contributing to India’s social development.” XCMG now exports to 183 countries and regions and has won recognition from customers worldwide. XCMG has achieved continuous success in the populated and fast-growing Indian market. In 2018, XCMG’s full range of products saw a 130 percent year-on-year increase in sales in India, and as the brand’s highly competitive product, XCMG’s excavators are also growing strongly in the local market.

“XCMG insists on an international development strategy. The excavators XCMG has customized for the Indian market will surely bring new experiences and values for our customers in India, and we’ll continue to provide ‘Advanced and Endurable’ products as well as worry-free services in the future,” said Gao Ming, assistant general manager of XCMG Excavator business division.

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