June 21, 2019, Bangalore.

cure.fit,India’s leading integrated healthcare platform witnessed an impressive response from Yoga enthusiasts on the occasion of International Yoga, celebrated globally today. A large number of yoga enthusiasts thronged the cult.fit and mind.fit centres across cities by participating in the free yoga sessions mentored by cult.fit &mind.fit trainers.

With 180 cult.fit and 35 mind.fit centres present across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur and recently launched in Dubai; cult.fit offered a 50minute session that was curated by their Yoga experts which included a mix of meditation, introduction and basics of Yoga, Suryanamaskaras etc.

At cure.fit, we aim to make group workout fun, daily food healthy & tasty, mental fitness easy with yoga & meditation and medical & lifestyle care hassle –free.