WilliamPenn’s in-house brand Pennline has always been a brand for the stationery enthusiast. Be it their different type of pens, Quikrites or Quikfills, Pennline has always understood the need for perfect writing instruments. One such instrument is the all-new Fountain Pen-Friendly Quikfill that is made with 100 gsm paper. It is designed to let you use fountain pens, ink pens, rollerball pens, markers highlighters and sketch pens without letting the ink bleed, feather or ghost, making it Fountain Pen-Friendly.

The backbone of the Quikrite system, Quikfills are replaceable notebooks which come in different formats like plain, goal and dot grid to name a few that are designed especially for Quikrite but they can also be used as independent notebooks. This compact notebook is bound by saddle-stitch and has round corners. It has colour-coordinated inner printed lines and ruled pages with numbers that make it easy to create and maintain an index. The Fountain Pen-Friendly Quikfill also has a raised UV printed logo on the outer cover, a centre spread with vertical perforation and a sheet with perforated tear-away tabs.

This smooth, ruled, natural shade paged Fountain Pen-Friendly Quikfill is ideal for note-taking, journaling, bullet journaling, tracking daily tasks and travel journaling. Built to be your favourite travel companion, this compact, cost-effective notebook is light and easy to carry wherever you go.

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