All of us are familiar with those sharp hunger pangs that hit us at odd hours. These hunger pangs often compel us to indulge in junk food that is readily available – anything that we set our eyes on!  However, snacking need not always imply unconscious eating. 

Craving street food specials like Dahi Vada or Dhokla but concerned about hygiene? Worry no more! Now you can cook these at home in 3 easy steps!  Thanks to Gits’ mouthwatering variety of instant snack mixes!
Gits Snack Mixes are loaded with the goodness of high quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Moreover, they do not have any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours! Gits leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you get the freshest food.  All their products are free of anything and everything that is not natural.

So go ahead and pick your favourite snack from their eclectic variety including Dahi Vada, Khaman Dhokla, Khatta Dholka, Moong Dal Vada, Handvo, and many more. Gits is indeed your perfect snacking solution. 

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