Zee Café, Home To The Best Of English Entertainment, Celebrates 20 Glorious Years Of We-Time Moments

Mumbai, August 13, 2020.

A journey of unparalleled entertainment, of togetherness and of shared experiences; it’s been a thrilling 20 years for Zee Café, a name that is synonymous with the best of English entertainment. Zee Café has truly shaped the content choice of entire generations as it discovered unexplored International content for us. Over the years, the channel has featured the latest international content that has inspired, stimulated and entertained us. On its 20th year milestone, the channel invites its audience to hangout with Zee Café and join in the celebrations as it completes 20 years of ‘We-Time’ with its viewers.

Bringing this emotion alive, Zee Café has launched a special campaign video that glides through time and showcases how the channel has inherently been a part of our lives and has inadvertently shaped us over the years. The visually striking video beautifully depicts this journey through the experiences of girl from an Indian family who grew up watching Zee Café. Through a series of relatable illustrations, the film highlights moments in her life that are inspired by the iconic shows on Zee Café, that have become a signpost of her life stages, similarly playing a part in shaping life and lifestyle for their viewers from around the country.

Celebrating 20 years of non-stop entertainment, Zee Café strives to share bundles of joy and smiles with some of the best shows that make for an absolute delight to watch together with friends or family. Weekends are no longer a bore with entertainment to keep you hooked all through the day! From compelling dramas that keep you on the edge to light-hearted sitcoms, and from cut-throat battles in reality series to inspiring superhero saga – the line-up has it all!

Speaking on the milestone, Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEEL, said, “The number 20 truly speaks volumes for the strength of Zee’s English Cluster backed by our loyal partners and an ever-evolving audience base who have consistently supported us in our endeavor. Being one of the pioneers in English entertainment in the country, it brings us immense joy to have impacted people’s lives and shaped the culture over the years with the finest ‘glocal’ content showcased on the channel.”

She further added, India is the world’s second largest English-speaking country and as per BARC, English entertainment caters to 170Mn+ viewers (BARC @ All India 2+ U+R, Week 01’20- Week 29′ 20). We observed through a video study that short form digital video content consumption in English is growing and there are 60Mn viewers who regularly consume snippets of English content on-the-go. This suggests that English isn’t just a language or a medium of consumption but a means to think and express that’s far more intrinsic with this audience. To our consumers who lead a fast-paced lifestyle and have a global outlook, our compelling programming has served as a window to the world and our 20 years campaign beautifully encapsulates this relationship with our discerning viewers. Today, with the explosion of content and platforms, it has led to a greater and a more central role for television as the medium of discovery for latest international content. There is a need for careful curation of content on television that lends to co-viewing, making TV for a great community experience which could emerge as the big differentiator.”

Speaking on the occasion, Kartik Mahadev, Business Head, English Cluster, ZEEL, said, “As the campaign says, the past 20 years have been incredible, and we can’t wait to spend many more with the Zee Café tribe. As one looks back at the journey, its been marked by a few breakthroughs but equally important are the continuous everyday efforts of curating great content and enhancing the consumer experience. The contribution by several teams over the years and our committed studio partners have been instrumental in shaping the English entertainment landscape in the country. With innovations like ‘Along with the US’, ‘Uncut’, ‘binge-watch’ as a format and ‘subtitles’, that we take for a given today, the channel has been able to build an engaged and discerning audience. We have brought the best of Zee Café’s content together to mark the occasion and give our audience the opportunity to binge the best shows. We are excited about the content line up ahead for the year with shows such as The Titan Games Season 2, ‘MasterChef’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in the pipeline.”

He further added“The lockdown has showed us that the viewers choose to watch television for the curated content experience it provides, to not just individuals but the entire family. In the post lockdown world, where we are spending most of our time in our homes, it’s the together moments with family and friends that is keeping us positive and spirited. Zee Café is recognizing the role that television plays in bringing people together, sparking conversations and with this campaign we celebrate these occasions through a montage of We-Time moments.”

With an all new season power-punch packed reality show like The Titan Games and with DC comics led superhero Supergirl slated to air, Zee Café buckles up for an exciting and thrilling rodeo ride ahead this August.