ZODIAC Presents The Vivace Collection: “Silk Touch” Cotton Shirts



Jaipur, May 08, 2023.

VIVACE is Italian for lively and described the essence and colour of a nation steeped in style, fashion & art.

In this collection, ZODIAC brings shirts crafted from luxurious Egyptian Giza 86 cotton, woven in to a single 60’s fabric with a “Silk Touch”, a result of the Zodiac trademark “Silk Protein Finish” in range of colors inspired by the Amalfi Coast on Italian Riviera. Fiery Orange, from Sicilian mandarins, Mediterranean Blue from the Italian sea, Sparkling Red, from the pasta sauce in this region. Lively Greens from the olive groves in Tuscany & Sunny Yellow taken from the regions Limoncello drink.

Commenting on launch Mr. Salman Noorani (Vice Chairman & M.D. ZCCL*) said, “Every Summer ZODIAC customers look forward to our VIVACE Collection. They feel it adds some Italian panache and flair to their summer wardrobe. Our USP is the “Silk Touch” 100% cotton which gives an extremely luxurious hand feel to the shirts.