Mumbai, July 01, 2023.

Actor Neena Gupta recalled how tense she was before and after filming her first on-screen kiss. Neena is set to star in the upcoming Netflix anthology film Lust Stories 2. In an interview, Neena revealed that she was so shaken after the experience that she rinsed her mouth with an antiseptic afterwards. This happened when she was working on the show Dillagi, in the early 1990s.

Neena said that showing physical intimacy on screen was unheard of those days, and the move on the channel’s part to promote the episode by saying it included the first-ever on-camera kiss in the history of Indian TV backfired on them. She told Inside Bollywood, “As an actor you have to do all kinds of scenes, sometimes you have to step in mud, sometimes you have to stand in the sun for several hours.”

Recalling the kiss incident, she continued in Hindi, “Many years ago, I did a serial with Dilip Dhawan. It had the first-ever lip-to-lip kissing scene on Indian TV. I couldn’t sleep all night. It wasn’t like he was a friend, we were acquaintances. He was good-looking, but that doesn’t really matter in these situations, because physically and mentally, I wasn’t ready. I was so tense, but I convinced myself to go through with it.”