Beyond the Beans: 3 Ways How Costa Coffee is Brewing Difference

New Delhi, August 2023.

Savoring the rich aroma of a freshly brewed coffee while knowing it comes from a sustainable and responsible source is a joy that Costa Coffee has made possible for its customers in India. Beyond serving the perfect cup of coffee, Costa Coffee takes pride in its resolute commitment to making a positive impact on our planet and the communities it serves in this diverse and culturally vibrant nation. With a profound understanding, Costa Coffee recognizes that a sustainable coffee business transcends from mere quality beans. It wholeheartedly embraces nurturing the environment and empowering coffee growers. From collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance to promoting ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship, this coffee giant is leading the way in responsible initiatives says Vinay Nair, General Manager, India & Emerging Markets, Costa Coffee. Here’s how:

Brewing a Better World: Costa Coffee’s Coffee with a Conscience: In a country where tea has been a traditional favorite, the love for coffee has reached the hearts of Indians, blossoming into a global symphony of shared passion and cherished moments. Costa Coffee embraces the growing love for coffee in India with open arms and an unwavering commitment towards environmental stewardship. To ensure that each cup of coffee leaves a positive footprint, Costa Coffee sources its coffee beans responsibly. The coffee giant recognizes the importance of a sustainable coffee supply and has collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit organization working to create a future where people and nature thrive in harmony. Since 2008, Costa Coffee and the Rainforest Alliance have been working together to address pressing environmental issues, changing the way coffee is produced, sourced, and consumed in India. By supporting sustainable coffee farming practices, Costa Coffee contributes to preserving India’s rich biodiversity and ensuring a brighter future for coffee-growing communities.

Nurturing Dreams: Costa Foundation’s Impact through Educational Initiative: Recognizing the vital role of coffee-growing farmers in the business,Costa Coffee embraces the responsibility of supporting these communities by establishing the Costa Foundation. With a mission to provide access to quality education in remote rural areas of some of the world’s poorest countries, the Costa Foundation funds schools and projects that build new educational facilities, extend existing ones, invest in water supplies and electricity, furnish classrooms with essential technology, construct toilets and teacher accommodations, promote gender equality, and create land for practical learning. This comprehensive approach spans across ten different countries in the world uplifting communities, and empowering future generations through education, making a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of children.

Healthier Indulgences: Costa Coffee’s Commitment to Customer Wellbeing: In India, as coffee enthusiasts indulge in the delightful offerings of Costa Coffee, they can revel in the knowledge that they are making a suitablechoice. Costa Coffee’s classic coffee range in the country is crafted without any added sugar. Costa Coffee strikes a perfect balance, enabling Indian coffee lovers to savor delicious beverages while prioritizing their well-being.Coffee connoisseurs have the option to select from a range of milk alternatives, accommodating dietary preferences, like soy milk and oat milk. Through their unwavering commitment to taste and nutrition, Costa Coffee sets a new standard, inspiring a world of wholesome coffee experiences throughout India.

As we savor each cup of Costa Coffee, we become part of a bigger story that embraces love for coffee, mindful choices,and a vision for a greener and better tomorrow.