Cisco and edForce Unleash a Learning Revolution in Indian IT

Bangalore, December 20,2023.

 In a seismic move set to redefine the landscape of the Indian IT industry, global tech giant Cisco has inked a transformative partnership with edForce, the avant-garde of workforce skilling. This strategic alliance marks the dawn of a new era in upskilling, promising to reshape the future of learning in India.

Ravi Kaklasaria, the dynamic Co-founder and CEO of edForce, expresses his excitement, stating, “This partnership with Cisco is a game-changer for edForce. We are on a mission to empower Indian professionals with globally recognized certifications and skills. Get ready for a learning revolution!”

Cisco, boasting a record revenue of nearly $57 billion, up 11% YoY, reinforces its unparalleled expertise in Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, and the Internet of Things to the Indian subcontinent through this partnership. Over 95% of companies leveraging Cisco’s learning products report turbocharged efficiency, making this collaboration a gold standard in IT upskilling.

This partnership with edForce promises not just courses but an experiential journey backed by world-class instructors, certifications, and hands-on labs. It might just be the next revolution, setting the stage for organizations and professionals to not just adapt but thrive in the digital future.

In the dynamic landscape of IT, this collaboration stands as the guiding beacon propelling India’s workforce towards global excellence. As witnessed with AXELOS PeopleCert’s introduction of certifications through edForce, the Cisco-edForce partnership marks the crescendo of a transformative journey—a symphony of innovation and learning echoing beyond borders. Just as with esteemed partners like AWS, Microsoft, and others, edForce emerges as a disruptive force, poised to reshape and reinvent the Indian IT industry. With a trajectory marked by exponential growth and world-class partnerships, edForce is not just entering the arena; it’s defining a new era with unparalleled vigor and vision