first time in the history of TV, News 18 Rajasthan organized a conclave on the topic AI: Door to the Future.

Jaipur, August 27, 2023.

State’s number one news channel News 18 Rajasthan organized a conclave on the topic ‘AI-The Door to the Future’ at a hotel in Jaipur on Saturday. Software and marketing experts working in the state participated in this conclave and discussed in detail the impact of artificial intelligence on this sector.

This was the first conclave on AI to be held on any news channel. Rahul Prakash, Additional Commissioner Traffic and Administration was the chief guest of this conclave, he has a deep understanding and hold on solving cybercrime and other crimes caused by this technology. He spoke on the benefits of AI and its misuse by criminals. Giving several examples, he said that while there is benefit from AI, it is also being misused on various social media platforms.

On this occasion, News 18 Rajasthan Editor Amit Bhatt honored the visiting guests with mementos. Along with this, Amit Bhatt said that News 18 is the number one channel of Rajasthan region and it is always its constant endeavor to give its viewers first and foremost reliable information with full responsibility. AI Conclave was also a successful platform in this direction, every possible effort was made to keep it successful and try to give updated information about this field.AI has made a powerful impact on every sphere of human life and has contributed a lot in making our lives easier. From home security and surveillance to self-driving cars, from digital media to virtual help, it’s got it all covered.

It has brought remarkable changes not only in the financial sector and education system but also in healthcare, marketing and transportation. In this conclave, AI anchor Anjali, who came specially from News 18, who is a robotic anchor herself, answered questions from the guests present in the session, while students from Arya College also aroused curiosity by asking questions from the guests present on the stage. Calm down. Among the facts that emerged from the panel discussion in this conclave, Dr. Manoj Kumar, HOD Radiology and Imaging, Manipal Hospital about robotic surgery said that with this method the surgeon can view the surgical field in three dimensions on a high definition screen on the console. Is. Surgery can be performed with zero error and greater precision when the robot acts as an extension of the surgeon’s hands.

Even complex operations can be performed through small incisions, resulting in minimal trauma to the body. A minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery can be used to treat various diseases and conditions, said Dr. Sheenu Jhanwar, Apex Hospital. The surgeon controls thin, telescope-like instruments from a console near the patient during this procedure.

It is being used very fast in the healthcare sector. From chronic diseases like cancer to radiology, AI is being used to deliver accurate results that care for patients with these diseases and help them find the right treatment. Describing it as extremely useful in business, Dr. Ajay Data, MD and CEO of Data Group, said that it has made a remarkable change not only in the financial sector and education system but also in healthcare, marketing and transportation.

Although Artificial Intelligence is modifying (amending) many areas of our life. He also said that AI will not affect jobs. Mr. Eli, Mr. Vinay Sinwar, who joined the discussion from abroad, also listed the benefits of AI in their respective fields, yet it has not made a satisfactory impact on some sectors, legal sector being one such sector. Even though AI benefits legal professionals to some extent, it can bring many revolutionary changes in the field of law. AI can help legal professionals predict case outcomes, assess risks, and make informed decisions.

By analyzing historical legal data and patterns, AI algorithms can provide valuable insight into the likely outcome of a case, helping lawyers develop effective strategies and manage client expectations.