India to host delegation from Kenya, discuss cheetah sourcing

New Delhi, May 03, 2024.

INDIA IS likely to host a delegation of Kenyan officials later this month to explore the possibility of sourcing cheetahs from the east African country for the next phase of Project Cheetah, sources aware of developments said.

The Gandhi Sagar wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh was chosen as the second site for reintroduction of cheetahs last year

The authorities will host the Kenyan delegation to primarily discuss their willingness to translocate cheetahs to India, the terms of such a translocation, including the number of cheetahs they are willing to part with. As part of Project Cheetah, India plans to introduce eight to 14 cheetahs annually for five years, subject to availability.

In December last year India expressed its desire to source cheetahs from Kenya during a visit of their President William Ruto. The visit of the Kenyan delegation might include a trip to the Gandhi Sagar sanctuary to assess the on-ground preparations made by the Madhya Pradesh forest department.

Last week, a five-member team from South Africa too visited the Gandhi Sagar sanctuary and the Kuno national park in MP. Sourcing cheetahs from South Africa for introduction in Gandhi Sagar is also under consideration.