It is important for technology to reach farmers along with knowledge: RG Agarwal

Jaipur, October 25, 2023.

To double the income of farmers and make the country the world’s leading economy by 2047, farmers will have to be exposed to new technologies and new experiments every day. RG Aggarwal, Chairman of Dhanuka Agritech Limited, said this at an agricultural fair organized recently.

He said that to give economic impetus to the country, farmers will have to be made aware of new technology. Also, the government will also have to work at a fast pace in this direction. Commenting on agricultural innovation and government initiatives, he said that the government should focus on increasing the technical knowledge of farmers in the changing environment.

It is noteworthy that rapid changes are taking place in the agricultural sector across the world. People are now leaving their jobs and joining agriculture business. Therefore, we also need to do something different from traditional agriculture. For this, farmers should take advantage of those agricultural schemes of the government whose objective is to adopt technological discoveries and innovations taking place in the agricultural sector. Agriculture veteran Shri Aggarwal underlined the role of high quality agricultural inputs in increasing the income of farmers.

He laid great emphasis on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to secure the agricultural eco system and said that the income of Chinese farmers is three times more than that of our farmers. The reason is that there they show seriousness on technical and new research every day and implement it. In our country too, the government should work together with the private sector for this. He also demanded to take strictest action against those duplicating or adulterating agricultural chemicals. He explained in detail about the correct spraying technique for the control of pink bollworm and asked to adopt it to reduce the cost of farming.

Shri Aggarwal warned about fake agricultural input products and said that genuine products are very important for sustainable agriculture and food security. Highlighting the problems of the farming community, he called for creating awareness and taking concrete steps together against all counterfeit agricultural input products including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants and bio-fertilizers. Emphasizing on state-of-the-art technology to deal with challenges like pink caterpillar that destroys cotton farming, he called the use of drone technology the need of the hour. This will increase the income of farmers.