Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses will now allow users to make video calls via WhatsApp 

New Delhi, April 24, 2024.

Meta has unveiled an exciting new update for its Ray-Ban smart glasses, allowing users to make video calls through popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Messenger. This new feature aims to enhance users’ sharing experiences by enabling them to share their view in real-time during calls, whether it’s capturing a stunning landscape on a hike or seeking advice while grocery shopping.

The video calling capability is designed to be completely hands-free, allowing users to share what they see with friends and family in all its unedited glory. This feature is not only ideal for sharing memorable moments but also for everyday activities such as getting advice on choosing the right brand of kombucha or checking the ripeness of a pineapple while shopping.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come packed with advanced technology, including integrated audio and an ultra-wide 12 MP camera. In addition, users in the US and Canada will benefit from Meta AI, an intelligent assistant that assists with tasks, creates connections, and provides access to real-time information through voice commands. With Meta AI, users can even receive assistance with translations, reading menus in foreign languages, and more, making daily tasks and travel experiences more convenient and hands-free.