Microsoft launches AI app for Android users

Jaipur, December 28, 2023.

Microsoft has launched a new Co-Pilot app for Android users. Through this app, users will be able to use their AI chatbot as a new service. This app is different from search engine Bing and is completely based on Microsoft’s AI technology.

Microsoft changed the name of Bing Chat to Co-Pilot a few months ago. Initially, Microsoft’s AI was a part of the Bing search engine, whose search result interface looked like Chat-GPT. This feature is still available, but Microsoft is promoting Co-Pilot as a separate platform.

In the world AI, ChatGPT of OpenAI, a company with big investment from Microsoft, is currently at the forefront. ChatGPT was launched on November 30 last year and within a month the number of its users had crossed 100 million. Google’s chatbot Bard is based on LaMDA’s Large Language Model.