Ministry of Ayush signed MoU with RIS

New Delhi, February 27, 2024.

The Ministry of Ayush and Research and Information System for Developing Countries, (RIS) New Delhi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today at New Delhi. This MoU will bring forth the overview of Ayush Service sector and will serve the continuation of academic cooperation and collaboration with RIS (a Policy Research autonomous institute of Ministry of External Affairs). Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha signed the MoU on behalf of Ministry of Ayush, whereas Director General Prof Sachin Chturvedi was the signatory on behalf of RIS.

This Knowledge Partnership, through this MoU, will not only serve to strengthen academic cooperation and collaboration to undertake research, policy dialogue, and publications for national, regional and international, and capacity building in the field of Indian Traditional Medicine, but will also bring out Ayush Service Sector overview in a time bound frame. Also the academic cooperation between Ministry of Ayush and RIS includes continuance of Forum on Indian Traditional Medicine (FITM). 

While signing the MoU, Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said that “Ministry of Ayush has started work way back with RIS and FITM was formed.  Through FITM, RIS has contributed many policy papers, policy directions etc. Through this MoU, the Ministry of Ayush has agreed to continue this work.”

Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha also highlighted the earlier report of RIS (Ayush Sector in India: Prospects and Challenges) and stated that,” Through this report it becomes evident that Ayush manufacturing sector has grown 8 times in last 9 years. RIS will also come out with similar report on Ayush Service Sector in the time bound manner”. Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha also complimented RIS for carrying out the work actively, and for providing valuable insights for Ayush Sector.

RIS DG Prof Sachin Chturvedi highlighted the scope of MoU and said, “There is a continuous need of having an inclusive and broad overview of market estimates, products standardization, regulations etc. in international trade, and FITM is continuously working towards it.”

Expounding the burgeoning field of Ayush sector, the DG Prof Sachin Chturvedi said that, “Ayush Sector has the potential of becoming hub of Medical Tourism by providing significant foreign exchange even having a smaller tourist influx. RIS is working actively on the related roadmap, since this is the need of an hour. Foremost work of RIS is to complete Ayush Services Sector estimation and RIS has given top priority to it.

Prof Sachin Chaturvedi also elaborated on safeguarding Biodiversity for the propagation of Ayush Sector and said,” Growth of Ayush Sector is closely linked with safeguarding and maintenance of biodiversity and there is a need to think in new terms regarding Biodiversity act 2002. From Ayush perspective, it is not only that we use biodiversity, but also to safeguard biodiversity for coming years. 

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Joint Secretary Shri BK Singh, Joint Secretary  Smt. Bhavna Saxena , Advisor Ayurveda Dr. Manoj Nesari, and Shri Kostubh Upadhaya, Advisor Unani Dr. MA Kasmi, Principal Consultant Shri PK Pathak including Senior officials of Ministry of Ayush, Whereas  Dr Namrata Pathak, Dr Sarin NS along with others from RIS and FITM were present.