Nykaa Fashion’s ‘Stay Stylish’ Campaign

Mumbai, June 20,2024.

Have you ever imagined Janhvi Kapoor causing a stir on set, halting a shoot just to inquire about an assistant director’s outfit? And then there’s Kusha Kapila, amidst the chaos of an emergency room, her neck cradled in a brace, yet her concern lies not with her own situation but with another patient’s cute dress. These unexpected twists are all thanks to Nykaa Fashion’s latest campaign ‘Stay Stylish’. With styles that even celebrities and influencers can’t help but admire, Nykaa Fashion ensures you’ll be asked, ‘Where did you get that outfit from?’. 

Drawing inspiration from moments of reverse fangirling, this campaign highlights the undeniable truth: when you look good, it’s Nykaa Fashion. Whether you’re preparing for a parent-teacher meeting, planning a night out with friends, or celebrating a well-deserved promotion, Nykaa Fashion is your ultimate destination. Nykaa Fashion has you covered for all the moments you want to stand out and leave a fashionable impression. With Nykaa Fashion, turning heads is synonymous with impeccable style.

Commenting on the campaign, Nihir Parikh, CEO, NykaaFashion.com said, “At Nykaa Fashion, style isn’t just a choice – it’s our passion. We’re dedicated to keeping our consumers stylish, every step of the way. Our expert team understands the pulse of trends and styles that resonate with our consumers, ensuring that staying stylish is as effortless as it can be. With a curated collection from 650+ international brands and beloved homegrown favourites, we’ve got everything one needs to stay ahead in the fashion game.”

As part of the campaign’s debut digital film, Janhvi is deeply engrossed in a chilling horror sequence when she abruptly brings the shoot to a standstill. What captures her attention amidst the eerie atmosphere? Nykaa Fashion’s outfit on the Assistant Director.  She couldn’t resist her question – Where’s your outfit from? In a twist of fate, a hair-raising moment turns into an unexpected fan-girl encounter.

Janhvi Kapoor, Nykaa Fashion’s Brand Ambassador said, “This campaign is extra special for me. Nykaa Fashion is my absolute go-to for any high-stake weekly occasion. Their curated collection of brands in their Global Store and their designs from the House of Nykaa Fashion are incredible, making sure I’m always dressed to step out in style. Whenever I’m in Nykaa Fashion, I know I am going to be asked “Oh my god, where is your outfit from?”.

The second digital film featuring Kusha brings humor into the mix with a lively ER scene. Kusha is sporting a neck brace on a hospital bed. But, even with her mobility limited, she spots other patient in a beautiful dress. Without missing a beat, Kusha asks, “Cute dress! Where’s it from?” Nykaa Fashion’s outfits never fail to make a statement, no matter the circumstances!

Echoing Janhvi’s sentiments, Kusha Kapila, added “This campaign really speaks to me! I mean, who doesn’t love stealing the spotlight and getting those outfit compliments, right? Whether it’s a movie night or a brunch with friends, you can bet I’m scrolling through Nykaa Fashion’s amazing collection for stylish looks, ’cause I know when I’m looking good, it’s all thanks to Nykaa Fashion!” 

Nykaa Fashion boasts an impressive collection of over seven lakh influencer-approved styles, making it a go-to hub for stylish fashion finds. In their latest campaign, expect to see even more popular faces stepping into the spotlight, sharing their jaw-dropping “Stay Stylish” stories. It’s a showcase not to be missed!