, India’s Newest and Most Premium Rummy App, Hits the Scene

New Delhi, December 26, 2023.

India’s premium online rummy platform has swiftly risen to become the country’s fastest-growing online rummy platform since its launch earlier this year. With an astounding 30X growth within eight months, the platform has become the ultimate choice for highly skilled rummy players seeking cutting-edge competition and an immersive gaming experience.’s user-friendly interface and aesthetically pleasing design redefine rummy gaming, creating a gaming environment that mirrors the class and simplicity of the game of cards at the same time. With faster game loading and seamless gameplay, the platform provides a premium gaming experience, which has contributed to its recent exponential growth and led to the success of its exciting rummy campaigns, high-stakes tournaments, and competitive leaderboards. The platform’s appeal lies in the classic and most visually appealing yet authentic experience it offers to players, challenging them at larger tables with massive prize pools.

With a track record of hosting exclusive rummy campaigns and tournaments and disbursing lucrative cash prizes, is currently captivating card enthusiasts with its Winter Winnings tournament, which will conclude on 7th January 2024. Leaderboards such as Weekly Legends, Monthly Maestro, and Daily Winnings add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

Bharat Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer at Junglee Games, described’s distinct positioning as the premier choice of users who appreciate not just a casual gaming experience but a competitive space tailored specifically for expert players. He elaborated, “Our vision extends beyond building a mere gaming platform – we aspire to create a player community that celebrates the strategy and skill inherent in the timeless game of rummy. is where seasoned rummy players test their skills at big, classy tables offering massive prizes and engage in fierce, fair competition.”

Currently available for downloading exclusively from Google Play Store, the app’s growth trajectory shows that it is not just a platform for rummy; it is a game-changer in the world of online card gaming, setting new benchmarks and aligning with the evolving aspirations of players.