Simpl – Zepto’s “Pass with Khata” Campaign Offers Guaranteed Cashback and other Benefits

Bengaluru, April 12, 2024.

Simpl, India’s foremost Checkout Network, announced today its “Pass with Khata” campaign by partnering with Zepto, India’s fastest-growing e-grocery service. As part of this campaign, Simpl is offering up to 5% cashback on every transaction made by Zepto Pass members, for all users.  

Additionally, users can enjoy benefits from the recently launched Zepto Pass, which provides unlimited free deliveries, 10% off on fruits and vegetables, 10% off on Zepto Cafe and up to 20% on all other orders. The Khata-like feature allows users to clear all their bills for grocery purchases at once every fortnight.

Launched on February 29th, Zepto Pass has become the fastest loyalty program to achieve a 1 million user base in just one week of its rollout. The integration with Simpl’s Instant Checkout is aimed at extending the quick delivery experience to the checkout stage as well while enhancing affordability for millions of consumers. Along with this, users can seamlessly subscribe to Zepto’s monthly pass with Simpl while paying for all their grocery purchases in one go.