Tata Motors Empowers Women to bring about a Socioeconomic Change with the traditional handicraft of ‘Chikankari’

New Delhi, February, 2024.

In a transformative journey unfolding in the rural heartland of India, women are intricately weaving threads of change to attain economic independence. Tata Motors Samaj Vikas Kendra (SVK) has helped these women master the craft of ‘Chikankari’ and organise themselves into groups to run a successful business venture basis this skill. The project has had an enduring impact on other women leading to active engagement of more than 150 women to form SHGs and actively engage in credit and thrift activities thus mobilising a remarkable Rs.25 lakhs over the past 16 years.

Tata Motors SVK began work on this project in 2007 wherein they worked on a two prong strategy, to revive the handicraft also linking it to social economic development of women. SVK established a dedicated training centre for women from 15 villages in and around, to equip them with the required skill set and apprise them of the market trends. In 2011, the scope of the SHG Federation programme was enhanced to include newer skill sets like production of jute bags, candles, herbal Gulal, cloth bags, artificial jewellery, etc.

Tata Motors also helped these women leverage various women welfare schemes run by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to enhance their skills and tap into opportunities to generate income. Now these women are serving as harbingers of change wherein they have not just attained financial freedom but fostered a social change breaking down societal barriers thus paving way for gender equality.

Mr. Vinod Kulkarni, CSR Head at Tata Motors, stated, “SHG Federation is a 360 degree programme wherein we help women join hands to develop their own enterprise as a group to attain financial freedom which in turn helps them uplift their socioeconomic status. It is believed that gender equality and empowerment of women is key to the success of the Millennium Development Goals. The success of the programme showcases our determination and commitment to pave way for an equitable society.”