The Secret to Staying Healthy During Monsoons

Jaipur, June 12, 2024.

After severe heat waves in the country people should consider Ayurveda this monsoon season. As per Ayurveda, the monsoon season is called Varsha Ritu. One needs to follow Ritucharya for this particular season.

The Mahabhuta (elements) of Prithvi (earth) and Agni (fire) govern this season. In Varsha Ritu, the Jatharagni (digestive fire) is weak and there are pitta problems. This results in weaker digestive and metabolic activities of the body.

To promote healthy digestion during Varsha Ritu, it is recommended to follow an ideal diet that excludes uncooked foods and emphasizes warm, freshly cooked meals. Incorporating ingredients like ginger and lemon can provide additional support for your digestive system.