Vinod Kalra of Rajasthan changed the fortunes of his shop and house with Pay Near Buy app.

Sri Ganganagar, November 2023.

Every morning, Vinod Kalra, resident of Sri Ganganagar, reaches his shop which is famous by the name of Kalra Traders. Be it heat, cold or rain, Kalra Traders opens its shutters every morning at 8:00 am. And every morning there is a crowd of customers in front of this small mobile shop.

This crowd is made up of customers who have come to avail financial and digital services before going to work. The livelihood of most of the people of Shri Ganganagar, famous as ‘Ann Bhandar’ in Rajasthan, depends on farming and related industries. This is the reason why most of Vinod ji’s customers are either farmers or daily wage laborers, to whom he has been providing all these services for the last 5 years. Now how about banking services in mobile shop? Because Vinod ji is a pay near by retailer.

Pay Near By is the country’s leading branch-less banking and digital network. By connecting with this, many small shops in India are providing financial and digital services and are also seeing their profits. Today, over 50+ lakh retailers across 20,000+ pin codes are connected to Pay Near Buy’s extensive distribution-as-a-service network serving 30+ crore customers across the country. With the help of Pay Near Buy, Vinod ji is able to provide many services to his customers like Aadhar Enabled Payment System, DMT, Micro ATM, Opening of Savings and Current Account, LIC Premium and Travel. Vinod ji says, “Joining Pay Near Buy was the best decision of my life. The biggest advantage of Pay Near Buy is that even after the banks are closed, my customers can avail financial services like cash withdrawal and money transfer from my shop itself. “.

This is increasing both my customers and profits.” Many new services are being added to Pay Near Buy’s platform, which is beneficial for both the retailer and the customer. Vinod ji says, “It is easy to provide all the services to the customers through a single app of Pay Near Buy.

Transactions are not only reliable, commission is also received on time. Now I too am easily earning 30k-40k per month from my business. ” He further explains, “Pay Near Buy gave me financial strength to my determination to move forward, I have already expanded my shop and now I can fulfill my dream of building my own house.”

If you also want to become successful like Vinod Kalra ji, then immediately give a missed call to 1800 3000 2030 or download Pay Near By app from Google Play Store. Connect with industry leaders, earn more income and prestige and be known as the banker of the area. Pay near by, insist on moving forward!