Wholesale inflation rate is at the top of 13 months: Food items became expensive, prices of daily use items like soap and oil also increased

Jaipur, May 14, 2024.

Wholesale inflation has increased to 1.26% in the month of April. This is a 13-month high level of inflation. Earlier in March 2023, the wholesale inflation rate was 1.34%. Inflation has increased due to increase in prices of food items. Whereas a month before this, in March 2024, it was 0.53%. Whereas wholesale inflation was 0.20% in February and 0.27% in January.

Earlier in April, the retail inflation rate was the lowest in 11 months. It has come down to 4.83% in April. In June 2023 it was 4.81%. However, food items have become expensive in April. The National Statistical Office had released these figures on Monday 14 May.