Yodda and GlobalLogic Collaborate to provide Elder Care benefits to employees in a Landmark First Industry Move

New Delhi, 29th August 2023.

Yodda Elder Care, India’s first tech-enabled elder care service provider, has joined forces with GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi Group Company and a global leader in Digital Engineering, to offer comprehensive eldercare benefits to their employees in an industry-first initiative. Recognizing the need to support employees with caregiving responsibilities for their elderly loved ones, the partnership enables GlobalLogic to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment. In this strategic partnership, Yodda will provide eldercare services to employees of GlobalLogic in India. Yodda empowers the elders through a robust network of on-field and on-call staff supported by a platform based on the confluence of new-age technologies.

Under this partnership, the employees of GlobalLogic will get access to the ‘Yodda Enable’ app, a community-based platform to offer assistance to seniors through their own personal support network. Yodda provides professional moderationto ensure thatthe community members,comprising of friends and family, can manage regular services and medical emergencies efficiently for seniors. Yodda Enable acts as a one-tap solution where vital information about elders, such as medical records, KYC documents, and insurance policies are stored and accessible to families and doctors during an emergency based on individual privileges. The eldercare benefits package will include various support services such as convenience services, access to interactive and supportive communities, and access to Yodda’s partner network.

Tarun Sharma, Founder & CEO, Yodda Elder Care Technologies, said, “With the return of the workforce to officesCovid-19, a large number of senior citizens are living alone or with minimum social support. As a part of the employees’ benefits program for GlobalLogic, Yodda’s services for the elders will ensure better peace of mind for their employees. Our partnership will empower their families and help them navigate the challenges of eldercare with ease and positively impact the lives of these employees and their loved ones. This collaboration sets an example for other organizations to recognize the significance of supporting their employees through various life stages and responsibilities. Yodda caters to a wide range of problems senior citizens face, from daily errands to managing life-threatening critical emergencies.”

Piyush Jha, MD & Head – India & APAC, GlobalLogic, said, “At GlobalLogic, we strongly believe that our employees are our greatest power, and we aim to provide holistic well-being that goes beyond the workplace. Our strategic alliance with Yodda Eldercare to introduce comprehensive eldercare benefits is a testament to our proactive approach and people-centric philosophy. The Yodda Enable app is a unique tool and the eldercare benefits pack which comprises a diverse array of supportive services will play a critical role in addressing the complexities of eldercare hurdles as well as providing seamless accessibility to individualized caregiving. By championing this industry-first initiative, we are not only offering vital support to our employees but also demonstrating our unwavering resolve to stand by our employees throughout every stage of their lives.”

Speaking on the partnership, Rajesh Rai, Vice President – People Team and Head of Human Resources, GlobalLogic, said, “Post the pandemic, we live in a fairly disruptive world where we constantly worry for our loved ones, especially our elderly, be it parents, grandparents or parents-in-law and anyone in our lives, who may need emergency help. At GlobalLogic, we deeply care for our employees & their loved ones, and therefore by partnering with Yodda, we are taking a step forward in creating a workplace where our employees and their families feel supported and cared for in every aspect of their lives. This landmark, “first of its kind in the industry partnership”, highlights our commitment to the employees’ mental well-being, peace of mind, and happiness, as it encourages a very compassionate and family-friendly people first & human workplace culture. By implementing eldercare benefits, our partnership with Yodda aims to ease the worries, our employees may have to take care of their loved ones, while enhancing their overall well-being.”

Since its launch in 2021, Yodda has successfully saved the lives of numerous senior citizens with their emergency services by ensuring elders get immediate assistance and attention when requested Yodda’s CareÒ plan includes 24/7 medical emergency, healthcare, and convenience services. The services offered include in-home support for various age-related issues through its app. Once an emergency is triggered, Yodda is alerted immediately through its Emergency Command Centre, which is manned by meticulously trained military veterans, adept at handling all types of emergencies.