“Get Ready to Be Dazzled: The Queen of the World Beauty Pageant Returns to Jaipur for its Spectacular 3rd Season!”

Jaipur,14th October, 2023.

Queen of the World India is a modern beauty pageant rooted in India, dedicated to bridging the gap between beauty and inclusivity. It firmly believes that a woman’s beauty is a reflection of her accomplishments, grace, and self-assured presentation to the world. This all-encompassing pageant embraces women from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of factors such as size, marital status, age, or religion.

The pageant features four esteemed divisions: Miss (18+ and unmarried), Ms (30+ and unmarried), Mrs (married, aged 18-45), and Mrs Elite (married, aged 45+).

Under the exemplary leadership of Mrs. Urmi Boruah, Queen of the World India has organized national pageants on a grand scale for the past two years. These events have seen over 80 exceptional participants converging to showcase their talents and abilities at the highest level.

Staying true to their tradition of excellence, the third season of the Pageant was held on October 14, 2023, in the regal city of Jaipur. The week began with an orientation on the 14th of October, where all the participants were adorned in pink and welcomed by Mrs. Urmi Boruah, the CEO of the establishment, and the rest of the team. This delightful welcome was followed by a Rajasthani-themed dinner, extending warm greetings to the contestants in the world of pageantry.

Throughout the week, the best mentors will join to provide comprehensive training and grooming sessions to all the contestants. The first major scoring event of the pageant is the Personal Interview round, where each contestant will face a jury panel, answering challenging questions with charm and elegance. Next on the schedule is the Royalty-themed Pre-finale round, where contestants will present a personal statement to the judges, highlighting their unique stories and reasons for participation.

The star-studded grand finale is slated to take place at the illustrious Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, with an expected audience of over 2000 enthusiastic individuals. Elevating the grandeur of the event, the team has secured the presence of two esteemed guests of honor, Bhumi Pednekar and Neha Dhupia. Supported by various reputable sponsors, including prominent names like Audi and Lakme Academy, the Grand Finale promises to be a memorable spectacle.

In the end, five Queens will be crowned from each category. These prestigious titles will open doors for all the winners to numerous opportunities for representing our country in upcoming international pageants.