Logitech Signature AI Edition M750 wireless mouse

New Delhi, April 18, 2024.

Logitech, the company known for making computer accessories recently announced the M750 wireless mouse. Part of the company’s new ‘Signature AI Edition’, the mouse comes with a new tool called “Logi AI Prompt Builder”, which is an AI assistant powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While the top button opens the new tool, the back button is basically a shortcut to the AI chatbot.

The new tool happens to be a part of the company’s existing Logi Options+ app, with Logitech saying that the functionality will be available on other devices compatible with the software suite. Logi AI Prompt Builder has some useful presets called ‘Recipes’, which can be used to perform actions like rephrasing parts of the text, presenting information in bullet points, making the text longer or even adhere to a preferred word count.

While it does not require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, Logitech said in its FAQ section that if users are logged in to ChatGPT while using Logi AI Prompt Builder, the queries will count towards their allotments. As a precautionary measure, the company advises users to log out of their accounts if they want unlimited queries.