Microsoft testing Bing AI integration on Windows 11 Copilot

Jaipur, August 01, 2023.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced Windows Copilot which integrated the power of AI with the company’s latest operating system. While the Copilot is simply running on Edge WebView, the functionality is set to get support for plugins in the near future.

Windows Copilot is powered by Bing AI, which is based on OpenAI’s GPT4 large language model. It makes use of Windows 11 APIs to interact with the apps and operating system, allowing users to do things like customise settings and apps.

Spotted in a ‘JSON’ file in Windows 11 Build 23506, the inbox plugin might redefine the way you use the operating system. The ‘Set Windows Theme Plugin’ allows users to modify the device theme using Copilot, whereas the ‘Fix Slow PC, Close app and Screen Snipping’ plugins will enable users to boost PC performance, close apps and even help take screenshots.

Similar to other voice assistants, the ‘Set Timer and Set Alarm’ plugins have the ability to set alarms and custom timers using Windows Copilot. Lastly, the ‘Suggest Media’ plugin will allow you to ask for movie recommendations.

Currently, Windows Copilot is available for those on the Windows 11 Dev or Canary channel but the functionality is limited to skills, toggling the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and changing the device theme. Microsoft might start rolling out the new Copilot with Windows 11 23H2, which will come out sometime later this year.