Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship institutionalizes Special Campaign 3.0 to Enhance Workspace Efficiency and Resolve Pending Matters

New Delhi, October 2023.

To bolster workspace management, foster a more productive environment, and address pending matters, the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) announces its active participation in Special Campaign 3.0. This groundbreaking initiative is aimed at decluttering and enhancing efficiency within national institutes, organizations, research councils, subordinate entities, and its own premises.

The journey towards Special Campaign 3.0 commenced on October 2, 2023, with the identification of crucial targets to be addressed during this campaign period. Special campaign 3.0 lays a special focus on achieving space management and elevating the workplace experience in offices. This campaign represents a significant step forward in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and operational excellence.

During the preparatory phase of Special Campaign 3.0, MSDE set ambitious targets to reduce pendency and resolve all pending matters within the campaign’s duration. As per the Ministry’s records, the current pendency stands as follows:

  • References from MPs: 24
  • Parliamentary Assurance: 4
  • IMC Reference (Cabinet Proposals): 3
  • State Govt. References: 3
  • Public Grievances: 201
  • PMO References: 2

MSDE is fully committed to disposing of all these pending matters during the Special Campaign 3.0, emphasizing its dedication to efficiency and accountability. In preparation for the campaign, Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, Secretary, MSDE reviewed the progress of the initiative with all the nodal officers and division heads on October 6, 2023. Senior officers have been directed to put forth their best efforts to achieve the established targets during the campaign period. A dedicated team is monitoring daily progress closely to ensure the successful execution of the campaign’s objectives.

Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, Secretary, MSDE applauded all divisions for their remarkable efforts in the #SwachhtaHiSeva campaign. Further, he said that all divisions should continue to contribute towards making their surroundings clean and green and meeting the parameters set under the Special Campaign 3.0.

In the second edition of the initiative, Special Campaign 2.0, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship disposed of 32 public grievances, reviewed 12,830 e-files, weeded out 2115 physical files, conducted 6954 cleanliness campaigns, freed 5783 sq.ft. of space earned a revenue of INR 373175.