Kaushal Rath in Kota, students become a part of the Skill India Mission

Jaipur, 09 October 2023.

Several students enrolled in the tailor-made programme to upskill themselves in remote village of Rajasthan’s Kota today as ‘Kaushal Rath’, a customized bus promoting the ‘Skill India Mission’ reached their village.

The training which was held today offered the students an opportunity to get acquainted with the 3D animations and immersive experiences, providing insights into how minerals are extracted from the earth and subsequently refined before being supplied for various purposes.

Vishnu Bhatt, a student from GSSS Mandaliya School lauded the remarkable initiative and discussed how combination of video presentations and images on the mobile app helped him a realistic understanding of the mining process. He expressed his desire to continue learning and improve computer skills through these buses.

Under the guidance of Shri. Om Birla, Hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha and Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan, Hon’ble Minister, Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, the ‘Kaushal Rath’ initiate was launched in the month of September to enable a large number of youth to take up industry-relevant skill training that will improve their theoretical as well as practical knowledge and help them in securing a better livelihood by bringing necessary synergy, oversight, and effective coordination.

Shri. Om Birla, Hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha extended his best wishes to the students and acknowledged their contribution in making India the Skill capital of the world.

“He said, the youth of Rajasthan have immense potential and have shown their caliber on various occasions and through Kaushal Rath, we will further create a pathway to harness the potential of the youth. Thisinitiative is atestimony to the Government’s efforts in building a robust and demand driven digital skill ecosystem and the buses will continue to promote accessibility, awareness and information about the skilling programs that build a resilient and capable workforce.”

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under the aegis of and the leading IT company Hewlett-Packard (HP) extended the skill development opportunities to the youth residing in the remote areas of Kota, Rajasthan under the ‘Kaushal Rath’ initiative, a customized bus promoting the ‘Skill India Mission’.

Mr.Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC and MD, NSDC Internationalsaid, organizing this program and having the privilege to witness the enthusiasm of India’s young generation fills us with immense pride. The response of the students today while learning through the Kaushal Rath initiative reaffirms our conviction that we are progressing towards making India a global hub for skills. It is my firm belief that our partnership with HP will enable youth to uplift their livelihood, gain digital skills and make informed decisions for their careers.

Under the partnership, students, and teachers of GSSS Mandaliya School were acquainted today with digital skills. Theseskills are relevant in today’s evolving job market and are in alignment with the vision of Kaushal Rath initiative. The objective is to uplift 60,000 youth, by targeting skilling interventions at the grassroot level.Another key facet of the collaboration is the establishment of current mobile IT lab by HP Inc. Indiaas part of the CSR initiative. The implementation partner will be SRF Foundation which will take care of the vehicles’ operational expenses. HP is operating 43 of such vehicles in various parts of the country.

Several students have benefitted from the programme. These students have appreciated the initiative and stated how these buses have provided a comprehensive audio-visual experience enabling them to enhance their skills and competencies to become a part of the volatile job market. Draupadi, a student of class 10th conveyed her thanks to the ministry for making such an impressive infrastructure at the school. She highlighted how operating MS word with state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped buses has become quick and easier for her. These initiatives aid her in keeping abreast of the changing market requirements, giving her an edge in her educational journey.