ZEE5 India’s first press conference at Snow Kingdom as “Gaami” started streaming now

Mumbai, April 18, 2024.

In the midst of all this, ZEE5 organized a remarkable press interaction that has garnered praise for its innovative promotional strategy. ZEE5 marketing team organised a first conference, one of its kind at Snow Kingdom India. Given that “Gaami” was predominantly shot in the Himalayas amidst chilling temperatures, the organizers recreated the snowy mountainscape during the press meet, leaving attendees impressed and immersed in the film’s setting.

Both Vishwak Sen and “Gaami” director Vidyadhar Kagita commended ZEE5 for their inventive approach in recreating the Himalayan ambiance and providing a firsthand experience of the icy cold atmosphere to the media. They expressed optimism that the viewers would appreciate the film’s immersive quality on ZEE5’s platform. Vidyadhar Kagita said few people couldn’t understand the story of Gaami in the theatres and added that now the film is streaming on ZEE5, they can once again watch and connect the missing dots observing Keenly.

During the event, Zee5 organizers highlighted that it was the first time in history that a press conference was conducted in such chilling conditions, expressing confidence in the audience’s reception of “Gaami” upon its streaming release. ZEE5 South Vice President Marketing Loyd Xavier said they have taken the unique and creative initiative and credited the entire team for the effort they put on along with Snow Kingdom India. He expressed confidence that viewers will be enjoying and appreciating Gaami watching on ZEE5.

Vishwak Sen, known for his dedication to his craft, shared insights into his challenging role in “Gaami,” where he portrayed an Aghora, enduring the harsh Himalayan conditions for over two months without protective gear. He said during the chilling conditions in Himalayas, people even celebrated death in Varanasi and added that at that time, he felt that the life was too short.He said many commented that Gaami will not be a hit as it lacked commercial elements but added that the film turned out to be the highest grosser in his career. He said he felt that he should believe in such a story rather than come with a flop film.

He expressed gratitude to the audience for their support during the theatrical run and thanked ZEE5 for bringing the film to their platform. He also commended the organizers for their creative initiative in orchestrating the press meet amidst freezing temperatures, which was executed in a lavish manner by Snow Kingdom Theme Park. He wondered why he didn’t get such a creative idea to promote his film Gaami before its theatrical release.

Produced by Karthik Sabarish under the banner Karthik Kult Creations in association with V Celluloid, “Gaami” features a talented ensemble cast including Chandni Chaudhary, MG Abhinaya, Harika Pedada, and Mohammad Samad. With Naresh Kumaran’s soul-stirring music and Vishwanath Reddy’s captivating cinematography, “Gaami” promises to deliver an enthralling cinematic experience to viewers on ZEE5.