Amazon Music launches new Playlists, Podcasts & Artists videos exclusively for Prime members this Prime Day

New Delhi, July 2023.

 Amazon Musicis set to captivate music lovers this Prime Day with thelaunch of three new playlists, exclusive artist videos andpodcasts. Celebrating diverse musical genres, Amazon Music introduces the playlists Rap Flow, Top Tucker, and Aaho! that embodies diverse flavors of Indian music and caters to the varied preferences of customers across the nation and worldwide. These new playlists include top trending &chart-topping songs that offer an unparalleled listening experience.

Rap Flow, the flagship Indian Hip-Hop playlist, pays homage to the country’s most beloved Rap and Hip-Hop artists. This meticulously curated collection showcases trending releases, rap tracks and highlights the talent of some of the most loved artists such as King, SrushtiTawade, Raftaar,Brodha V, MC Stan and many more.

Top Tucker, its first-ever Tamil Global Playlist. This exclusive playlist serves as a musical destination for exploring the local to global genres of Tamil music, featuring the chartbusters and trending hits of all time. Renowned composers A. R. Rahman, Anirudh Ravichander, blockbuster star Sivakarthikeyan and many other iconic figures will be the face of this captivating playlist.

Punjabi music aficionados can indulge in Aaho! the Punjabi playlist, which offers an exquisite curation of new and popular Punjabi music, including acclaimed artists like HarrdySandhu, Sunanda Sharma, AP Dhillon, Diljit Dosanjh, and Shubh.

This Prime Day, Amazon Music also premieres the award-winning series The Walk In, started by Amazon Music US where fans get an in-depth and exclusive tour of their favorite artists iconic wardrobes and has featured the likes of Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor, Lil Nas and more. The India version of this Webby-nominated series is hosted by the iconic style icon Sushant Divgikara.k.a Rani Ko-HE-Nur featuring artists like King, Harrdy Sandhu & Sunanda Sharma. The show will premiere on the Amazon Music app exclusively for Prime members giving them a never-seen-before sneak peek into the wardrobes as well as the musical journeys of these fan favourite artists. Also launching a special hip-hop content series called Line by Line where Indian Hip-Hop artists talk about their most famous/ viral song lyrics. This series by Amazon Music begins with one of the most promising and trending artists of Indian Hip Hop, Srushti Tawade.

 Podcasts listeners will also enjoy a 2-week exclusive access to explore a collection of podcasts from producer Pratilipi, including popular shows Leela, Road No 12,Hypnosis, Pyaar Ya Takraar and many more, covering a variety of genres like romance, thriller, and horror.  

“We are delighted to unveil these captivating playlists, artist videos & podcasts as part of our Prime Day celebration. At Amazon Music, our mission is to curate extraordinary experiences for our listeners, enabling them to explore and connect with their beloved songs and artists. Committed to delivering an unmatched streaming experience, Amazon Music caters to delight audio fans across genres and languages“, said Mamta Saraf, Director Amazon Music India.

Amazon Music has also enhanced the user experience for Android customers. The app is now available in more than 9 languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, and English. With this expanded language support, users can effortlessly navigate the app in their preferred language, making it more accessible and personalized.

Amazon Prime Music continues to redefine the music streaming experience, offering a vast library of over 100 million songs, over 15million Podcasts episodes, across 20 languages, all available on-demand, ad-free with unlimited downloads. Amazon Music is also offering Rs 150 cashback on to Prime members who stream their first music or podcast on the Amazon Music App and shop during Prime day * T&C Apply.

This Prime Day discover joy with Amazon Music and create unforgettable audio experiences  all included with  your Amazon Prime membership yearly fee of Rs. 1499. To access the vibrant world of music, new playlists and podcasts, visit and unlock a world of limitless entertainment.

Artist Quotes:

“I’m delighted to be featured in on Rap Flow, a thrilling playlist that celebrates the dynamic artistry of Indian Hip-Hop. It’s truly exciting to be a part of a platform that recognizes and embraces the essence of Indian rap and hip-hop music. Being among some of the industry’s finest artists is a pleasure. Rap Flow revolutionizes the Indian rap scene by offering a space to discover trending releases and connect with this thriving genre. I’m grateful to the platform for amplifying our voices and contributing to this exciting time for Indian rap.”, said rapper King.

“As an artist, I’m thrilled to be part of Aaho!, the Global Punjabi playlist. It’s a pleasure to have my songs featured alongside talented Punjabi artists, and I’m excited for listeners to groove to our beats and melodies. Punjabi music carries a captivating energy and charm that resonates globally. Aaho! captures the essence of this genre, taking listeners on a musical journey through the vibrant flavors of Punjab. Come join me on this musical adventure and let’s dance to the beats of Punjab”, expressed singer Harrdy Sandhu.