Amit Shah takes charges as Cooperation Minister; pledges to strengthen sector

New Delhi, June 11, 2024.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday assumed charge as the Minister of Cooperation, vowing to bolster the cooperative sector by effectively implementing policies at the grassroots level.

Shah, a two-time MP from Gujarat and a close confidant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has held the cooperation portfolio since July 2021, when the new cooperation ministry was established.

“We laid the foundation for the development of the cooperative sector in the last tenure. We will focus on percolating the policies to the ground level in the next five years,” Shah stated, underlining his commitment to the sector’s growth.

The ministry is set to initiate the implementation of a 100-day development plan for the cooperative sector, Shah informed. As the Union Cooperation Minister in the second term of the Modi government, he played a pivotal role in shaping key policies, including amendments to the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, Model Bylaws for Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS), and the establishment of three multi-state cooperatives for promoting exports, seeds, and organic products.

“We have done the policy-level work; the focus will be to take it to the grassroots level,” he added, highlighting the ministry’s priorities.

The 59-year-old Shah, who was elected from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat, is known for his meticulous approach. His tenure has been marked by proactive decision-making and a commitment to realising the vision of “Sahkar se Samriddhi” (Prosperity through Cooperatives), strengthening the cooperative movement in the country.

Regarded as the second most influential figure in the country after Prime Minister Modi and a dedicated proponent of the saffron ideology, Shah rose as the BJP’s master strategist when the party’s alliance secured 73 seats from Uttar Pradesh in 2014 under his leadership as the party’s general secretary. Recognised for his political acumen and strategic prowess, Shah has played a pivotal role in the phenomenal growth of the saffron party.