Driver Welfare Initiatives

  1. Tata Motors has taken various steps to ensure driver skill development and safety training. Can you please shed some light on the same?

A truck driver plays a vital role in the society, not only in ensuring systematic and timely delivery but also in road safety and optimising a vehicle’s economic operations. Acknowledging this, Tata Motors has collaborated with State Governments to establish Driver Training Institutes nationwide. These institutes provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, covering a spectrum of vehicles from light motor vehicles (LMV) to heavy-duty trucks and specialised machineries like tippers and construction vehicles. In a decade, these institutes have trained over 5 lakh drivers enhancing driving skills, creating a pool of trained drivers and promoting a culture of safety and responsible driving.

  • What are the initiatives that Tata Motors that ensure that quality of life of truckers is improved?

Tata Motors, known for its top-quality products, has also been committed to the welfare of truck drivers. Tata Motors deeply understands the challenges these drivers face and is always striving to prioritise the drivers’ needs in all their endeavours. Through its Tata Samarth initiative, Tata Motors demonstrates a deep commitment to the well-being of truck drivers, envisioning a holistic welfare approach. Through Swasthya Samarth, Tata Motors ensures that drivers have access to essential medical services, be it routine check-ups or specialised consultations and even includes hospitalisation coverage. Under Sampatti Samarth, Tata Motors provides drivers with tailored financial counselling and guidance for systematic investment, ensuring their earnings are invested wisely. Siksha Samarth integrates online tutoring with in-depth career counselling, preparing truck drivers’ children for their future pursuits. Finally, Surakshit Samarth offers substantial accident and hospitalisation benefits, with coverage up to Rs. 10 lakh, ensuring both drivers and their families are shielded against unforeseen adversities.

  • How does Tata Motors integrate technology to ease the on-road experiences of drivers?

As a leading commercial vehicle player, Tata Motors continues to work on identifying and developing leading technologies across its portfolio of products and services that improve driver experiences. Safety is a paramount product attribute for Tata Motors, encompassing not just the driver’s well-being but also that of the vehicle and its cargo. Tata Motors approaches safety from two perspectives: active safety and passive safety. Active safety is bolstered by driver-assist features, while passive safety is underpinned by cutting-edge technologies incorporated into modern trucks. Tata Motors’ trucks are fitted with a suite of world-class driver safety features, including Electronic Stability Control (ESC), rear parking assist with a camera, Hill Start Aid (HSA), an electronic anti-fuel theft system, anti-topple sensors, engine brake assist, and air-conditioning complemented by an ambient air temperature sensor, among others. Such features significantly enhance a driver’s ability to traverse longer distances safely. Further bolstering driver safety, Tata Motors offers the premium and durable Prima cabin, as well as the sturdy Signa cabin. Both are designed with tilt and telescopic steering wheels, adjustable seating, superior ergonomics and digital displays to ensure a fatigue-free and safe operating environment for truck drivers.

4.       How does Tata Motors ensure a convenient and hassle-free after-sales experience for the customers?

Tata Motors is known for its unparalleled after-sales services – services that are deeply valued by customers and often become a decisive factor when they choose Tata Motors CVs. Under the umbrella of the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 initiative, Tata Motors offers an array of after-sales services. These encompass fleet management solutions, annual maintenance contracts, the Tata Alert roadside assistance service, onsite servicing and even resale options for commercial vehicles through the ‘TATA OK’ program. A testament to Tata Motors’ commitment to using technology to enhance the driver experience is the Tata Bandhu app. Designed as a comprehensive digital tool, the app seamlessly connects vehicle owners and drivers with roadside assistance providers, termed ‘Tata Gurus’. The drivers can quickly locate and contact the nearest Tata Motors assistance provider for immediate assistance if required, which helps to reduce downtime and boost overall profitability.