Driving Diversity: AnywhereJobs, Baton Transport, and NSDC International Collaborate to Fill Europe’s Truck Driver Shortage with Skilled Indian Workforce

New Delhi, 04 December 2023.

In a groundbreaking partnership, NSDC International (NSDCI), Baton Transport, a European road transport company and Anywhere Jobs are spearheading efforts to tackle the acute shortage of skilled trailer drivers in Europe, by not only mobilizing Indian trailer drivers, but also by empowering Indian women in the trucking industry.

Europe faces a substantial shortage of trailer drivers, with demand significantly outpacing the available workforce. Recent statistics reveal an alarming shortage of over 150,000 skilled drivers in the region, highlighting the critical need for innovative solutions.This week, Anywhere Jobs onboarded 30 highly qualified trailer drivers for Baton Transport through a comprehensive hiring drive in Delhi.

Baton Transport is joining forces with AnywhereJobs to recruit Indian men and women drivers who will operate using the relay driving model in Europe. Currently, 10 women drivers are already contributing to Baton Transport’s fleet, but the company has a determined goal of achieving a 50% representation of women drivers in its fleet. Baton Transport will partner with Anywhere Jobs to upskill Indian women taxi drivers, training them to take up trailer driving roles in Europe.

Relay driving, a strategy pioneered in India by Mr. Deepak Garg, CEO of Anywhere Jobs, has proven to be a robust solution for addressing the driver shortage and providing enhanced customer service at a lower operational cost. For the last decade, Baton Transport has also been employing the relay trucking approach in Europe, which aligns with their commitment to offering a safer and more balanced life for trailer drivers, especially women drivers. The safety standards prevalent in Europe, combined with the relay trucking approach at Baton Transport, promises to create an environment conducive for Indian women drivers to explore and excel in this transformative opportunity.

On the partnership, Mr. Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO of NSDC and MD of NSDC International, offered his valuable insights on this initiative, highlighting the great opportunities for women to advance in their careers, Recognizing and honoring the strength of women in the trucking industry, NSDCI is thrilled to partner with Anywhere Jobs for a transformative initiative. By empowering Indian women drivers, we are not only helping them reach their aspirations but also driving positive change across the entire industry. Our collaboration with Anywhere Jobs is a source of pride, as we play a crucial role in this remarkable venture.

The importance of diversity in all fields, including the trucking industry, cannot be overstated. Embracing a variety of perspectives, experiences and talents is not just a matter of equality—it’s a strategic advantage. Diverse teams bring innovation, creativity, and resilience, contributing to the overall success and progress of industries. NSDCI’s commitment to empower women in the trucking sector is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of diversity, fostering an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a brighter future.” He further added.

Mr. Deepak Garg, Founder and CEO of AnywhereJobs, shared his perspective on the initiative, emphasizing the potential for women to elevate their careers. Drawing parallels with the success of Indian women airline pilots, he noted, “This partnership with Baton Transport offers an unprecedented opportunity for women taxi drivers to upgrade their skills and become truck pilots in Europe.For us, it’s a CSR initiative, and we are looking to invest our time, money and energy to make the dream of empowering more women to take up trucking as a career a reality. With this partnership, we aim to bridge that gap and offer a unique opportunity for women to enter the trucking industry.”

Claus Normann Hansen, CEO of Baton Transport, shared his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the unique solution provided by Anywhere Jobs. He stated, “With Anywhere Job’s expertise in the relay trucking model, we believe that trailer driving will become an aspirational career for both Indian women and men drivers, providing them with a safer, stable and balanced life. We are delighted to be working on this project with AnywhereJobs.”

This collaborative initiative not only promises to empower Indian trailer drivers but also marks a significant stride towards advancing women’s roles and opportunities in the global trucking industry.