Duty hours ended, pilot-staff left 10 planes

Jaipur, December 28, 2023.

The effect of climate change happening across the country is visible on air traffic. Due to this, 10 Delhi bound planes were diverted at Jaipur airport on Wednesday night. Due to bad weather, planes could not even take off from Jaipur airport. After this, the pilot and staff got off the plane as their duty hours were over. Due to this, the passengers present in the plane had to face problems at Jaipur airport itself.

12 flights were diverted at Jaipur airport on Wednesday. Of these, two planes were successful in flying to their destination. At the same time, due to bad weather, 10 planes remained standing on the runway of Jaipur Airport till late night. These included five aircraft of Air India, two aircraft of Indigo Airlines, two aircraft of Alliance Airlines and one aircraft of Vistara Airlines.

During this entire incident, the passengers were kept seated in the flight. Meanwhile, the duty hours of the flight staff were completed. He missed the flight. After this the passengers had to wait at Jaipur airport till morning. Due to this, more than 800 passengers had to face problems. Many of these passengers left by train and bus. Some passengers reached their destination by taxi and some by other flights.