Exit poll 2023: BJP government in Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh, Congress government in Chhattisgarh-Telangana; Hung Assembly Estimates in Mizoram

Jaipur, December 01, 2023.

8 major news organizations and survey agencies have conducted exit polls in 5 states. By combining all these, the poll of polls has been calculated. According to this, BJP government seems to be formed in Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh and Congress government is formed in Chhattisgarh-Telangana. There are chances of a hung assembly in Mizoram.

Rajasthan-BJP government is being formed in 5 out of 8 exit polls. In one poll, Congress is forming the government, while in two it is said to be close to forming the government. In the poll of polls, BJP is predicted to get 102 seats, Congress 86 and others 11 seats.

Madhya Pradesh– Out of 8 exit polls, 4 are predicting BJP’s return to power, while 3 polls are showing the possibility of Congress forming the government, while one is close to power. In the poll of polls, BJP is predicted to get 125 seats, Congress 100 and others 5 seats.

Chhattisgarh– All 8 polls are bringing Congress back to power. In five of these polls, BJP seems to be 4 to 6 seats away from power. In the poll of polls, BJP is expected to get 39 seats, Congress 48 and others 3 seats.

Telangana–  6 polls released. Of these, 5 polls are predicting Congress coming to power for the first time, while one has said it is close to power. The ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) does not appear to be coming to power in any of the polls. In the poll of polls, BRS is expected to get 44 seats, Congress 64, BJP 7 and others 7.

Mizoram– One in five exit polls shows Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) forming the government. Hung assembly is assumed in the remaining 4 poles. In the poll of polls, the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) is expected to get 15 seats, ZPM 16, Congress 7 and BJP 1.