Fake paneer is infiltrating the food market: How do you recognise it?

Jaipur, April 29, 2024.

Paneer, the soft Indian cheese beloved for its versatility in curries and desserts, is facing a growing threat: imposters. These “fake paneer” products are infiltrating the food market, often containing inferior ingredients and potentially posing health risks.

Texture: Authentic paneer should be soft and break easily, whereas synthetic paneer often appears rubbery or overly smooth.

Smell: Smell the paneer; genuine paneer has a mild, milky aroma, while fake paneer might lack this or emit a chemical scent.

Taste: Taste can also indicate authenticity; real paneer has a clean, milky flavour, while synthetic versions may taste artificial.

Moisture content: Genuine paneer typically has a higher moisture content, releasing whey when pressed, whereas synthetic paneer tends to be drier.

Cooking process: During cooking, genuine paneer browns and holds its shape, while fake paneer might become rubbery, melt, or disintegrate.