Gulf Oil’s Unstoppable Journey: Mirchi RJs Vanish, Unveiling a Thrilling Tale!

New Delhi, December 20, 2023.

In a world where radio airwaves typically echo with familiar voices and catchy tunes, a recent campaign has disrupted the norm, leaving audiences in suspense and sparking nationwide intrigue. Titled ‘Unstoppable Journey,’ this innovative initiative, in collaboration with Gulf Oil and Mirchi, unveils the mysterious disappearance of three popular Mirchi radio jockeys – Yash, Nidhi, and Saran. 

This groundbreaking narrative unfolded, revealing the compelling story of an unstoppable journey fuelled by Gulf Formula SUV engine oil.

But what inspired the RJs to take this step?

An ad where the cricketing icon Hardik Pandya went on an amazing journey after using Gulf Formula SUV as his engine oil, sparked the excitement in the RJs. With an intention of testing the oil, they too tested the performance of GULF Formula SUV in their cars, letting it handle all kinds of roads. Safe to say it was easy, great performance, and the journey- unstoppable! 

With this gusto, they took off on a long-drive, getting lost and facing hurdles in the way of their journey, but eventually the travel was worth it, because the destination was breath-taking and so was their engine-oil companion.

Gulf Formula SUV 5W-40, an advanced high-performance fully Synthetic engine oil, emerges as a mystical elixir specially crafted for SUVs. It unveils sustained peak performance for the most demanding highways and off-road adventures. This advanced masterpiece in synthetic engine oils not only keeps the car running smoothly on highways and rough terrains but also ensures a quick and powerful response, making every drive enjoyable. It becomes the shield for the engine during the relentless stop-and-start chaos of city traffic.

Now, here comes the fun part! Mirchi, known for its innovative campaigns, mirrored this communication idea in their joint campaign with Gulf Oil by teasing the disappearance of their RJs through a pre-buzz strategy and dropping hints before the RJs vanished, making people wonder where they went. 

While these three famous RJs from Mirchi – Yash, Nidhi, and Saran – mysteriously disappeared from the radio waves, leaving the airwaves in suspense, the other RJs stepped into the void, heightening the mystery and sparking speculations that echoed across the cities, setting social media ablaze.

The campaign was amplified with RJ mentions, promos and overall, reached to significant listenership figure of 1.5 cr listeners in the targeted cities – Delhi NCR, Lucknow, and Hyderabad. Branded Radio Promos highlighted the Gulf Formula SUV’s impact in Hindi and Telugu, while Campaign Promos covered key stages. Social media platforms further intensified the buzz. The intrigue soared as audiences eagerly awaited the revelation behind the disappearance of their beloved RJs.

Their expedition wasn’t confined to the digital realm; it spilled onto the streets through strategically placed hoardings, ensuring that the narrative captured attention beyond radio waves and social media screens, sparking curiosity among everyone.

Days later, the missing RJs – Yash, Nidhi, and Saran – emerged with a series of 16 captivating videos over 10 days, unveiling the challenges, encounters, and discoveries of their extraordinary journey. Each video showcased the hurdles they faced, the people they met, and the transformational impact of using Gulf Formula SUV engine oil.