HomeLane Achieves Cash Profitability at Rs. 700 Cr Revenue ARR

Bengaluru, November 2023.

HomeLane, India’s premier home interiors brand, announced that it has turned cash-positive for September and October 2023. HomeLane is one of the few companies in the home interiors domain to have achieved this important milestone.

HomeLane is now on track to not only sustain its cash-positive status but also grow 30% YoY in FY24. Srikanth Iyer and Tanuj Choudhry, the founders of HomeLane, jointly stated, “Achieving cash profitability gives us the independence to think long-term and take decisions accordingly. We are incredibly proud of our team’s relentless efforts and are thrilled to set our next milestone of reaching EBITDA profitability in FY24.”

In an ambitious push, HomeLane is also set to surpass 1000 Cr in Order Book and aims for 700 Cr+ in Revenue in FY24. This growth ambition is driven by the company’s scale-up initiatives within existing markets.